Fantasy Football Draft 2012: Why Reggie Bush Is a Sure Pick in 2012

Ralph Longo@ IIIJune 28, 2012

Fantasy Football Draft 2012: Why Reggie Bush Is a Sure Pick in 2012

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    Reggie Bush has been somewhat of a fantasy puzzle throughout his NFL career.

    He came out of USC six years ago to much fanfare. However, he hasn't really lived up to the expectations of a No. 2 overall pick, instead having to deal with various injuries and setbacks throughout his career with New Orleans, and now, the Miami Dolphins

    This year, Reggie Bush is going to have his best season yet. He's poised to have a big year with Miami, and if you have the chance to pick him up in your fantasy draft this upcoming season you absolutely shouldn't hesitate, because you will be rewarded with great production. 

He's Coming off His Best Season Ever

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    Last season, Bush rushed for nearly 1,100 yards, scored seven total touchdowns and added nearly 300 yards on receiving (per ESPN). Bush's 1,086 yards were nearly double his previous best on the ground, and his 15 games played was his best since his rookie season. He also was able to average 5.0 yards per carry, which is impressive at any level of football, let alone the NFL.

    It was Bush's best season, as he finally appeared to come into his own as a running back. He proved that he's more than just a situational back and is capable of getting 18-20 total touches per game week in and week out. It seems that Bush really has been able to find success in Miami, and that he's very comfortable in his current situation.

    Barring injury, I don't think there is any way that Bush's numbers could dip this season. In fact, I expect his production to rise in 2012 as he looks to build off the success of his 2011 campaign.  

His Confidence Is at an All-Time High

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    Bush is currently riding high and according to the Sun Sentinel he recently declared that he wants to lead the NFL in rushing this year. A lot of players probably think to themselves that they can lead the NFL in rushing, but few players actually have the audacity to say it, in case they underperform. 

    The fact that Bush has the gall to say it shows that he's very confident going into this season. When you're looking at players to draft, would you rather pick a guy who's coming off a lackluster season, like Chris Johnson or LeGarrette Blount, or a guy that's extremely confident and looking to have the best season that he's ever had?

    I may be overstating the importance of Bush's mindset going into 2012, but if he believes in himself and feels he's finally come into his own, then that's certainly something to take into account come draft day.  

He's Going to Get More Looks in the Receiving Game

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    According to, Bush believes that he's going to get more playing time in a receiving role than he did last season. Bush had 88 receptions for 742 yards in his rookie season (per ESPN), so he's shown in the past that he's more than capable of contributing in a big way in the receiving game. 

    If Bush can get his numbers anywhere close to those that he put up in his rookie year, he will be extremely valuable to his owners, especially in PPR leagues. And with rookie Ryan Tannehill being the possible opening week starter, Bush will get a ton of touches through the air as Tannehill will look for the check down a fair amount of the time, as most rookie QBs do. 

    Simply put, if he can get his numbers back to his rookie year in the receiving game and just maintain his rushing stats from last season, he could easily be a top-10 fantasy running back by season's end. 

The New Offense Is Perfect for Him

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    Joe Philbin is a former employee of the Green Bay Packers, so he understands the needs in today's NFL to have an up-tempo, fast style of offense that will get plays off quickly and allow his team to score points in a hurry. This is suited extremely well to the style of Reggie Bush, much better than Tony Sparano's scheme, and similar to the New Orleans style of offense Bush is used to. 

    If Miami ends up getting off more plays in less time, Bush will only serve to get more touches, and in turn more fantasy points. Expect the Dolphins to tire out opposing defenses due to their pace, which should allow Bush some big holes to run through. 

    I wouldn't be surprised if he had three or four games in which he approaches 150 yards. He ran for over 100 yards in each of his final four games last season, and with that type of momentum coming into 2012 he should get off to a fast start and be money for his fantasy owners.  


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