AkD Presents: The Nickel

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 13, 2009

I was watching some ESPN yesterday. I watched Around The Horn and Inside the NBA. I also watched the Daily Dime on ESPN.com and I was inspired to something sort of similar.

Each edition, I will discuss some topics within the WWE, and I'll give my outlooks on it. People can can also comment on what they would like to see me talk about next, and or I will leave a voting poll and let you guys vote for a future topic. I'll do five topics every edition.


1. Mike Knox and Rey Mysterio

I doubt anyone even cares about the feud the two have...or had. Doesn't even puzzle your mind? No one ever knew why Knox attacked Rey. Rey never asked, interviewers never asked, Stephanie never asked, and Knox never explained why.

Has Knox even touch the mic since being drafted to RAW? The man was gone for months and appears out of no where with a Santa Claus beard attacking Rey Mysterio.

Rey not too long ago got out of feud with Kane. Why do the big guys always target little Rey? Knox had his number...and I mean all of Rey's numbers six...one...and nine as he countered them time after time again. It seems the feud has been dropped...or has it? The two men will both be in the upcoming Chamber match.

Can we ever find out why Knox attacked Rey...or better yet, why was this feud even attempted?


2. Diva Power!

WWE divas are always our WWE divas, but can they have some more substance maybe? Feuds are usually along the lines of "I'm more pretty than you are" (This isn't always the case).

They have titles..can't the feuds have a little more depth? Remember when Dawn Marie married Torrie Wilson's dad and became Torrie's mother-in-law? It might not have been the best of feuds, but I liked it. The Edge ans Alicia Fox scandal wasn't that bad either.

Trish Stratus had great feuds with Lita, Molly Holly (hair vs hair), and Mickie James. The past shouldn't always be dwelled on, but the present should make some adjustments. This doesn't mean that there aren't good Diva feuds currently.

Beth Phoenix and Natalya are our saviors and the two must meet down the line somewhere. Marsye is also great and McCool's heel turn fits her well.


3.Well It's the BIG...WHAT!?

Lately Big Show has been anything but big. I'm not referring to his weight, but making an impact. The Big Show seems to dead weight on Smackdown. Things are heating up on Friday nights.

Edge is WWE champ, Triple H is still going against La Familia, and the Hardys are in midst of a feud with one another.

Big Show seems to have been left behind. Maybe the knockout punch Floyd "money" Mayweather gave him at WrestleMania XXIV scrambled his brains.

Big Show thinks he's a boxer and couldn't even out jab the Undertaker (see: Royal Rumble). Heck Kane was putting a beating in him. I have the remedy for Big Show—2009, Big Show drafted to ECW on the April 13th draft.

Yes, send the big guy down there. He's lost in translation on Smackdown, and with Edge, Hardys, Koslov, Triple H, Kennedy, MVP, Shelton Benjamin, Khali...we don't need him. Koslov wants competition. Either pit Big Show against him, or ship him out to the dungeon.


4. Undefended titles

I know that the other titles aren't as big as the WWE championship and the World Heavyweight Championship, but come on—other titles need to be defended. Shelton has held the U.S title since the Great American Bash last year, where he defeated Matt Hardy for it. How many times has he defended the titles since then? Less than five...at this point I'll go with three or less.

Then there are the Tag Titles. Miz and Morrison have the toughest schedule because they wrestle on RAW, Smackdown, and ECW, and have done so for consecutive weeks.

After all the matches they had, only one title defense (Cryme Tyme) has occurred? Carlito and Primo Colon...wow. These guys are horrible champs. This is deeper than title defenses—it's talent. The tag division has been in a recession for quite some time now, and need their own bailout plan.


5. Christian

This topic is kind of unavoidable right now, so what the heck. Christian returned to ECW, mocked Jack Swagger, and challenged the winner of the No Way Out ECW championship match (Swagger vs Finlay) to a championship match.

The man has made it clear he's gunning for the top. ECW will get more ratings, as I believe WWE out Cage there to test him out, punish him for leaving in the first place, rebuild ECW, boost ratings, and most importantly stick it to TNA.

I've welcomed Christian back with open arms and look forward to his feud with Swagger. Finlay isn't going to beat Swagger at No Way Out even if he had a dozen four leaf clovers.