Youth Hockey Video: Deplorable Adult Coach Trips Opposing Player

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 27, 2012

There are no words. 

I am at a complete loss to describe this hockey coach who decided to trip up a young athlete on the ice. I actually have the words at my disposal, but I wouldn't use expletives like that on this fine landscape. 

SportsGrid originally spotted this outlandish tale, but CTV News has more on the story, reporting that UBC Hornets coach Martin Tremblay tripped up a 13-year-old Richmond Steel player after the gold medal game of the spring season.

A Steel coach maintains that one of the players suffered a broken bone and will be in a cast for two weeks. 

Officers took Tremblay into custody, questioned him and then released him without charges. However, according to CTV News, mounties are still considering charges of "assault or assault causing bodily harm."

Tremblay, for his part, says he merely slipped on the ice. 

It's an excuse that holds up until you actually view footage of the incident. I watched the video a number of times to see if I could see Tremblay trip up himself, but his actions look far more devious than that. 

It looks like a man who wanted to send a message and didn't realize a camera might be rolling. 

There is absolutely no excuse for a full-grown man tripping a young athlete, especially when he is a coach with players that look up to him.

I really want to believe Tremblay, if for no other reason than someone this awful wouldn't exist. Unfortunately, it most certainly looks like there was intention with the juvenile trip.