NASCAR Funny Moments: Helmet Throws, Shoving, and Cussing

Ben BombergerSenior Writer IFebruary 13, 2009

It's difficult to find funny moments from NASCAR, but looking back through some videos and such since the early 2000s, I came across five situations that I remember clearly as being hilarious. Sure, they may not be the funniest ever, but they all deserve mention.



5. Robby Gordon throws helmet at Michael Waltrip

OK, so we all know that countless drivers do the class "throw your helmet" at people when they get dumped in a wreck. If they don't go so far as to throw the helmet, they always do the "stand at the side and point at them."

In this instance,we look back at Sept. 18, 2005 at the Sylvania 300 at New Hampshire International Speedway.

Gordon was involved in an on-track incident with Waltrip and took time afterwards to throw his helmet at him... Check out the video:




4. Martinsville Speedway comes apart, damages Jeff Gordon's car

OK, so this one probably wasn't nearly as funny for Gordon fans, but it did lead to the redoing of the surface on the track known as the "Paper-Clip."

In 2004, portions of the concrete broke apart during the Advance Auto Parts 500. That created potholes, including one that was a foot long, a foot wide and four inches deep.

Part of the concrete that came apart damaged Gordon's car as he ran in second place, ruining his chances to win a third consecutive race there.

Track repairs delayed the race 77 minutes.




3. Red flag infraction

When you see a red light, you stop. If you see a red stop sign, you stop. So when drivers see a red flag, they should stop, right? Well apparently nobody told that to Sterling Marlin back in 2002.

It was a late restart in the 2002 Daytona 500 when Marlin was trying to pass Jeff Gordon for the lead. The two got together and Gordon spun, causing a multi-car wreck behind them. Marlin was leading when NASCAR threw the red flag to clean up the mess and try to finish under green.

When the cars stopped on the backstretch, Marlin jumped out of his car and tugged on his damaged right front fender. NASCAR sent him to the back for working on his car during the red flag, handing the win to Ward Burton.



2. Jeff Gordon shoves Matt Kenseth after being dumped

It was the Food City 500 at Bristol on March 26. Gordon was running solidly inside the top-five (granted after he had just "moved" Kenseth out of the way) as the laps were winding down.

Once Gordon got past Kenseth he began to pull away. Within a few laps, however, Kenseth got back to Gordon's bumper and dumped him going into turn one. The result, Gordon finished 21st with what he called a "great car."

After the race, Kenseth walked over to Gordon to "apologize" and Gordon—with all his gear on—pushed Kenseth away.

What makes this so funny? Gordon felt the need to keep his gear on as he headed over to shove Kenseth. I guess he was afraid Kenseth would knock him down and he'd get a bump on his head!

Kenseth said he never meant to spin Gordon and was only going over to apologize when the shove happened.



1. Dale Earnhardt Jr. says $h*t on TV

Ahh, the good old days. The days before we had to have a delay on NASCAR races and drivers could be trusted to be interviewed after a race.

This day, however, Earnhardt Jr. joined the Janet Jackson Club in the infamous "oops I messed up membership."

Earnhardt had just won at Talladega Super Speedway and was set to leave the track with the championship lead.

When asked what it meant to have won on the track not once, but five times, Earnhardt said, "Well it don't mean $h*t right now, Daddy's done won here 10 times, so I gotta do more winnin'."

Later in the week, Earnhardt was fined $10,000 and 100 points, dropping him from the front runner spot.

The penalty began a "Can't Say Sh*t" club in which members of Junior Nation started wearing shirts to tracks around the country with the saying.

The slip-up also prompted NBC to begin a five second delay for all live broadcasts.

There ya go—five funny moments in NASCAR. Got a better one? Feel free to leave a comment about it!