Don't Be Draft: WWE Draft Predictions

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Don't Be Draft: WWE Draft Predictions

It been confirmed that eight days on from WrestleMania we will get things shaken up in the WWE universe. Soon after WrestleMania we will be treated to a three-hour Raw special where the WWE 2009 draft will take place. 

I hope it will be like last year, where the winner of the matches gets the draft pick. Let's see if we can find our favorite WWE superstars a new home.

Here are a few things that might take place on the night in my opinion.

To Raw

Triple H: The king of kings doesn't quite seem to be at home on SmackDown. His feuds with Edge, Kozlov and Hardy, have seemed mediocre. I think Raw will welcome him back with open arms.

Christian: He's just too good to be in ECW, and I don't really see him feuding with anyone; it just gives him a quick title run. Many people think it's too early, but I think leave him there and it would make him feel unappreciated again.

Evan Bourne: His high-flying antics are great, and with Rey and Kofi there, I could see a great feud with either one.

R Truth: Great wrestling skills with huge star potential but doesn't get that push he deserves. Getting a shot at the intercontinental championship and feuding with someone like CM Punk would do wonders for his career.

To SmackDown

Chris Jericho: What a year he had last year, but he basically feuded with everyone on the show. Y2J got more title runs than anyone and shone brighter then the rest. I would love to see a Taker vs. Jericho feud.

John Morrison: His championship reign with Miz will soon come to an end, and he will definitely be in the money in the bank match, which could lead to a number of possibilities. 

Cryme Tyme: SmackDown needs another strong tag team. There doesn't seem to be anyone to challenge Carlito and Primo at the moment. JTG and Shad are great individual wrestlers as well.


Umaga: The Samoan bulldozer could prove his dominance here and maybe get an ECW title run. He has great skill for a man his size but just doesn't have anyone to fight.

The Great Khali: Has become a joke of a wrestler with all his squash matches, but maybe they could use him in a different way on ECW.

Kozlov: I can't take anything away from this man except his mic skill. A true old school hard man with the skills to back up his mouth. Would be a main event superstar; feuding with the names I mentioned above would be great.


The Undertaker and HBK are not going to move, even though I would love to see them switch brands.

The announcers again won't swap back. JR and Tazz are building a solid team; the same can't be said about Cole and the King.

The moneymakers like Edge, John Cena, Randy Orton, and Jeff Hardy are doing just that, and I think their places are safe for this year.

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