TCU Looking to Add Final Non-Conference Game For 2009

Jeremy@jeremymaussSenior Writer IFebruary 13, 2009

So far, TCU has three non-conference games on the docket for 2009.

Those opponents are at Virginia, Texas State, and SMU. Nothing special, but TCU fans can be assured that there will not be another FBS team. TCU consistently plays a good non-conference schedule with two BCS schools, one or two non-BCS, and sometimes one FBS school.

Options have been tossed out with teams like Ohio State, Tulane, Rice, Florida State, Ole Miss, Penn State, or Houston.

Here is an official list from of who still needs an opponent for 2009. TCU already has six home games, so this could be a road game which will open things up.

Akron—They do need one home opponent, but unlikely because of geography.

Arkansas State—Dates do not line up.

Florida Atlantic—Not a strong enough opponent

Houston—This looks to be the best choice, because Houston would want a home game and this could be a yearly game.

Kansas State—This would be a good opponent, but the dates do not line up.

Kentucky—This is not going to happen, because Kentucky will not play seven road games.

Louisville—This would be a good matchup with a mid-tier Big East team.

Mississippi—This would be my ideal pick, but again, schedules do not match up.

Missouri—A little bit higher on my list, because they are a good opponent. Plus, TCU usually plays a Big XII team every year.

Ohio—They are already playing Tennessee and UConn, and they may not want to add a third good opponent.

Rutgers—This could work, as the opening weekend game for both schools.

South Florida—This could work with an open date the first week of October.

Syracuse—Schedules do not match up, plus Syracuse backed out of last deal with MWC team and forgo their return trip to Wyoming

That leaves Houston, Louisville, Missouri, Rutgers, and South Florida.

All are respectable opponents with three being from BCS leagues, and Houston which is a contender every year from C-USA.  If an order had to be made it would look like this:

  1. Houston
  2. Missouri
  3. Louisville
  4. South Florida
  5. Rutgers

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