Alternative Sports Broadcasts Are The Way Of The Future!

David Aaron LindsayContributor IFebruary 13, 2009

Every major sport should run alternative broadcasts of at least their big games. (Eventually I would run them for every game, but let's start small)

With the advent of the Internet and explosion of sports channels in general, it is almost unimaginable to me that this has not yet been tried.

You have your regular broadcast with your regular announcing crew, But, you also run an unrated broadcast at the same time on another channel. (Obviously this only works for cable, satellite, or Internet). Something like the original on ESPN and the alternate feed on ESPN 12 (or whatever they are up to now).

Now, I'm not talking about nudey cheerleaders here, but what I am proposing is a no-holds barred, comedic-type broadcast with famous comedians or funny/witty sports personalities (a la Charles Barkley).

Come on, what guy in his 20s wouldn't prefer to switch over and listen to Barkley comment on a game in an atmosphere where he is allowed to say anything? Honestly, I would actually pay more for that feed than the bland classic style broadcast.

I think the obvious choices to try this out first would be the NBA, NFL, and NHL, with MLB being dragged along kicking and screaming when it became too popular and mainstream for them to ignore (Baseball "purists" would role over in their graves).

The NHL should do it, because, well, they don't have a lot going on and anything that might drive some buzz for them would have to be considered big.

The NFL might do it because they are probably the most progressive league. They constantly examine themselves and make the changes that need to be made on their own.

And the NBA, well, I just think that demographically and culturally it probably lends itself the most to that league. They also have some of the funniest and zaniest personalities in sports: Charles Barkley, Gary Payton, and Chris Webber just to name a few. I also believe they have the youngest average viewership among the big four.

Come on! We need to get behind this! Who's with me? I don't know how to make this happen, but start spreading the word!

Also, I'd love to see some suggestions on what guys would make for the best broadcast. Comedians, sports personalities or even current broadcasters.