WWE: Would Money in the Bank Be the Perfect Opportunity for The Rock to Return?

Colonel SteeleAnalyst IJune 26, 2012

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On the previous Friday Night Smackdown, we discovered who will be the first participant in the upcoming Money in the Bank match for the WWE Championship briefcase. The star in question is none other than former World Champion, The Big Show, who has experience in one other match prior to this one on the horizon.

Then, on Monday Night RAW, Vicki Guerrero declared that the remaining competitors would all be former WWE Champions themselves. Three more wrestlers were added to the lineup, these being Kane, Chris Jericho and multi-time World Champion, John Cena.


After these announcements, the total became no larger than four. That is an unconventional number for a Money in the Bank match, and one can expect that it shouldn't be the final tally. Despite this, there are very few roster members still around who have held the title.

There is The Miz, who is all but ruled out for this match, due to him currently being occupied with the filming of The Marine 3: Homefront. It would be unlikely that WWE would allow him to return to win the title. With him being a full-time worker, they would have an obligation to push him regularly nearly every week, as opposed to, let's say, a part-time worker who does not have to be booked every Monday night.

On top of this, there is also Alberto Del Rio, but again it is improbable that he would be included in this bout. It appears that WWE is building him up to face Sheamus at the pay-per-view, so one should not expect the Mexican to make an appearance in the match.


However, there is one man who could and should make a grand return in the match. That man, as evidenced by the title to this piece, is The Rock.

The Great One is a former WWE Champion, often considered to be one of the best wrestlers to have ever worn the belt. Unlike other part-time or legend contract stars, he is still able to duke it out in the ring, and there is no reason why he shouldn't.


Of course, as he is now a famous Hollywood actor, he is bound to have filming priorities over the summer. However, as a part-time wrestler in WWE, he is also able to appear in any of the promotions shows if an agreement is made.

Unlike The Miz, The Rock's shooting dates would not be an obstacle in the booking. Due to his contract, he is not required to turn up every week. His reputation doesn't require it either; truth be told, he could turn up once every two months and people wouldn't really care. They would just be overjoyed to see their icon.


If need be, he could win the briefcase and disappear for several months until the winter season, where he would probably have less responsibilities in the movie realm. Here he would be able to show up once more, then WWE would be able to begin the long-waited push for his title victory (or defeat?).


This would tie in nicely with the promo he made after this year's WrestleMania, where he made it clear that he intended to win the WWE Championship again for his millions (and millions) of fans. If they can link the two, this could be one of the best angles that a recently lackluster WWE has produced.


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