WWE Monday Night Raw: Top 10 Bumps in the Show's History

Joseph Lisnow@@lisnowjCorrespondent IIIJune 27, 2012

WWE Monday Night Raw: Top 10 Bumps in the Show's History

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    WWE Monday Night Raw has seen some crazy bumps over the past 19 years. Some are on purpose, while others were simply an accident.

    Either way, the WWE audience loves to see a major bump and it gives a wrestler that rush of energy because they earned the attention of those around them.

    In every Raw there are several bumps, but once in a while there are those that leave the audience's jaws dropped. Those are the moments that people remember.

    After almost 1,000 episodes of Raw, to still have a clear memory of a moment that was only seconds long means it was epic.

    Here are the top 10 bumps in the history of WWE Monday Night Raw.

Kofi Kingston’s Boom Drop to Randy Orton

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    The most famous arena associated with professional wrestling, Madison Square Garden, saw another epic moment when Kofi Kingston performed his Boom Drop onto Randy Orton.

    As the two fought into the crowd, Kingston placed Orton atop a table. Kingston mounted the barrier (which was elevated) and came crashing down.

    Add in Kingston’s high jumping skill to make the moment even more memorable.

Sabu Jumps/Falls off the Raw Logo

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    During the original ECW invasion, Sabu would be known for jumping, or rather, falling off the large Raw entrance.

    This was during the time when going through a table or getting hit by a chair was huge. Such an insane move had never been seen on Raw before and wouldn’t be for years.

    It was the most memorable moment from the original ECW invasion.

Outlaws Push Mick Foley and Terry Funk off the Stage While Locked in Dumpster

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    Mick Foley and Terry Funk were locked inside a dumpster by The New Age Outlaws, and then pushed off the stage.

    The crowd was in shock as it appeared the two were legitimately injured. The Outlaws looked sorry for what had just happened and wrestlers from the back came out crying.

    The segment took the entire first hour of Raw, making it seem even more legitimate. It wasn’t, but the bump worked and left the audience in shock and horror.

Lita’s Suicide Dive on Trish Stratus

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    Lita and Trish Stratus were the two best female wrestlers of their generation, who also had an amazing feud.

    They would have their most memorable match together when Lita took a suicide dive to the outside landing awkwardly on her head.

    Lita had only just come back after a year off from breaking her neck, which left fans worried if she was all right as the show went to a commercial break.

Jeff Hardy’s Swanton Bomb off the Titantron

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    For Jeff Hardy, this was the biggest push of his career and it was against one of the brightest stars at the time: Randy Orton.

    As Raw came to a close, Hardy had back body dropped Orton below the stage. Hardy started climbing the Titantron and looked to hit his signature swanton bomb finisher.

    Then he decided to go higher, making the move that much crazier looking.

Edge Pushed off the Ladder to the Outside Through a Table

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    As Edge climbed the ladder in his TLC match against Ric Flair, it ended up costing him.

    Flair would elevate the ladder, sending Edge crashing through the table outside the ring. The table was demolished, but Edge somehow retained his WWE Championship.

    It’s moments like this that explain why Edge’s career was likely cut short.

John Morrison's Starship Pain to the Miz on the Outside While on a Table

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    John Morrison was on the biggest run of his career when he challenged The Miz for his WWE Championship on the first Raw of 2011.

    The Extreme Rules match witnessed Morrison continue his unique array of moves. With The Miz outside the ring, Morrison went for his Starship Pain finisher.

    The move was impressive enough, but to have it performed outside the ring and through a table made it that much more impressive.

Jeff Hardy’s Performs Whisper in the Wind on Top of the Steel Cage

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    Jeff Hardy had his Steel Cage match against Umaga won when he reached the top of the cage, but that wasn’t enough for Hardy.

    Always the risk taker, he would pull off one his trademark moves—called The Whisper in the Wind—out of nowhere. The moment happened in seconds, though it is still remembered by many.

    It was another moment that proved Hardy was a crazy performer.

The Dudley Boyz Powerbomb Mae Young off the Stage

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    At 77 years old, there is no need for anyone to be wrestling, but don’t tell that to Mae Young.

    She was powerbombed by Bubba Ray off the stage, which sent her crashing through the tables below. It wasn’t a move that many wrestlers would take, let alone a female senior citizen.

    Young is one of a kind and took the bump like a champ.

Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit Steel Cage Jumps

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    Two of the very best went at it in a Steel Cage match.

    First, Kurt Angle would climb to the top of the cage to perform a moonsault. Chris Benoit, not to be upstaged, went to the top and hit his diving headbutt.

    Two of the best wrestlers in the WWE just had one of the best Steel Cage matches in recent history with some insane spots.