Plaxico Burress: What Could The New York Giants Get in Return for Him?

Thomas BrodkinCorrespondent IFebruary 13, 2009

So Plax wants a trade?  We know this because Drew "Next Question" Rosenhaus sent an e-mail to all 32 NFL teams advising them of this fact.

From Giants' executives and fans alike, there is rejoicing. Some out in public, some in private, but almost all involved would love to get something for the troubled receiver.

Which begs the question: What could the Giants get in return? So without further ado, and in reverse order for effect, here is my list of the top 10 things the Giants might be able to get in return for the man with the golden gun.

10. Joe Horn's cell phone.

9.   A lock of Britney Spears' hair.

8.   The bong from the Michael Phelps' photo.

7.   The blue dress. (If you have to ask, shame on you)

6.    Chris Brown's brass knuckles.

5.    A signed copy of Amy Winehouse's 12-step plan.

4.    Chad Ocho Cinco's unused Johnson.

3.    The YouTube video of A-Rod saying he was never tempted to use PEDs.

2.    Terrell Owens "That's my quarterback!" crying shades.

...And the No. 1 thing the Giants might expect to get in return for Plaxico Burress?

1.    PacMan Jones, straight up.

In all seriousness, anything the Giants could get for Plax would be a bonus. Even a late round pick would be fine. With Jerry Reese's track record, they might actually get a good player with the pick, and that would give the Giants the last laugh.