Will the Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees Be Better in 2009? Final Part

Paul StevensContributor IFebruary 13, 2009

It is time to move to the outfield and designated hitters of both teams. The benches are pretty even. So let's look how it all comes together:

Yankees at left field: Here is a 35-year-old, Johnny Damon. He actually had a pretty good year last year. He batted .303 with 17 home runs, 71 RBI, 95 runs scored and 29 stolen bases.

His defense is average at best and he has always had a soft arm. His career batting average is .289. We give him credit for last year, but I have to tell you, I don't think he can do it again.

Red Sox at left field: Jason Bay is a 30-year-old stud. Our hope is that he will be a permanent fixture in the Sox lineup for years to come. Last year, he hit to a .286 average, 31 HR, 101 RBI, 111 runs scored, and a .373 OBP.

Clear advantage goes to the Red Sox.


Yankees in center field: We are not sure if it will be Brett Gardner, who only had 127 at bats last year, hitting .228, with no home runs and 16 RBI, or will it be Melky Cabrera, who hit .249 for an average with eight home runs and 37 RBI. The indecisiveness only shows there is a problem.

Red Sox in center field: Here we are with a 25-year-old, Jacoby Ellsbury. He had a .280 batting average, nine home runs, 47 RBI, 98 runs scored, 50 stolen bases, and is a Gold Glove contender with his defense.

Clear advantage goes to the Red Sox.

Yankees in right field: Xavier Nady is a solid 30-year-old that hit .305 last year. He also had 25 HR, 97 RBI, 76 runs scored and a .357 OBP. He is solid.

Red Sox in right field: J.D. Drew is great when he is out there. He is 33-years-old and seems to get hurt every year. He still had a .280 average with 19 home runs and 64 RBI. He also had 79 runs scored with a whopping .408 OBP.

The clear advantage goes to the Yankees.

Yankees at Designated Hitter: This could be Hideki Matsui. He is a solid player when healthy as well. Last year, he batted .294, with nine home runs, 45 RBI, and 43 runs scored. The other option is Nick Swisher. He is only 28. He only hit .219 last year, with 24 home runs and 69 RBI. He also had 86 runs scored. Outside of the average, he can do some damage.

Red Sox at Designated hitter: David Ortiz (Big Papi) He is 33 years of age. Last year, he had a wrist injury and still batted .264, with 23 home runs, 89 RBI and 74 runs scored. His .369 OBP was also pretty good for an injured player. He is healthy now and coming back with a vengeance.

Even a Yankee fan would have to say that if you asked any team who would you rather have, Matsui, Swisher or Ortiz, hands down, it would go to Ortiz. The Sox are the clear winners here and overall in our comparisons.

It all can change with health issues. If both teams stay healthy, the rivalry is going to be fun. The Sox seem to be the better team on paper, now let's see what happens on the field.