Bleacher Championship No. 4: The Tables Have Turned—or Have They?

Clan Bleacher Report BATracerdotcomContributor IFebruary 13, 2009

Welcome to this review edition based on the currently running tourney "BLEACHER CHAMPIONSHIP No. 4."!!!

For people who tuned in late, this is a series of privately organised browser-based simulation F1 racing game in which members of join in and have fun!

The first bleacher championship was held in 2008 as a result of efforts put in by senior writer at bleacher, Daniel Chalmers. The season was a first timer for many of bleacher creatures...and hence the chart was topped by Craig Stevanato in a Toro Rosso.The consequent championships saw participant changes and variety of teams competing for the championships which spelled tight competition. 2nd Championship triumph was taken by Prasenjit Das of BMW and third one by Adam Flinn in a Ferrari.

So here we are at about 60% completed stage of #4, lets take it from the season start as the crow flies.....

The season started with a BUZZ as the champion driver Das of #2 and his excellent teammate Payne rejoin in.The reigning champion Adam Flinn was there with Das's old championship winning BMW-Sauber and hopeful of doing a double win in consecutive championships.

The lineup consisted of some prominent Bleacher Championship veterans as Sheiban Shakeri and Michael Griffin in McLaren, L J Burgess in BMW, Billy Sexton in Ferrari, Ryan Wood in a Renault and Daniel Chalmers in Force India. It was good to see relatively new people joining in as Colin Nevett in Torro Rosso and Steve Saquella in Williams.Whereas Prasenjit Das and Arijit Payne had to be content with Toyota as all other teams were filled up.

At the pre-season press conference when confronted with questions like "What are your season expectations?", Ferrari team responded: "Sexton has done a Raikkonen. Unhappy that McLaren have failed to make him a world champion on two occasions (public game, bad team mate...etc.).He has joined the most successful team in Formula One history and nothing will stand in his way of total domination....", "well top three would be nice, my highest position ever has been P4 and I lost P3 in the last race...and i was in a Toyota that time," added Billy himself.

Ryan Wood from Renault was practical and upbeat: "I don't want to beat around the bush, I'm here to win, I've come close over the past three championships, a third, sixth, then third. This time I want a first! Realistically, top three WDC, top tw. WCC!"The response from the Woking based team was also in the same tune : "I got close last season, first few rounds were not kind to me, but I scored a lot of points in the late stages, I need more consistency and me and Shei can do a double!" said championship hopeful Michael Griffin.

Previous champion Das was modest but also hinted at disappointment on having to be contended with a Toyota. "Well top five in WDC and top three in WCC...simple straightforward targets eh?" he added. Whereas reigning champion Flinn was straightforward: "I want to win. simple as that."

Thus here we go...from here on we will glance at each race and have a taste of what the final podium summary looked like...

So stay tuned folks!!! Watch this space as there's a lot to come.....

[to be continued...]