Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio in the Bumbling Contract Match

John KindelanAnalyst IIIJune 26, 2012

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Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio competed last night for a contract to a title match on SmackDown for the World Heavyweight Championship. In this fast-paced well executed match, the two superstars hit each other with everything they had to get that contract on a clip board off the pole and in their grasp. They both showed their great in-ring skills; the only one not cooperating so well in this match was the clipboard. 

Before the clipboard came off the pole and the match turned into a game of keep away, the two men were pulling off sidewalk slams and backbreakers of such ferocity you could actually see the ring shake. The act of getting the contract off the pole was interesting; Ziggler climbing Del Rio to actually get the clipboard off the pole was something I can't recall seeing before in WWE. What followed with Del Rio and Ziggler didn't work so well.

Ziggler made it look somewhat natural, but at one point when both men were on the mat and it looked like Ziggler had to take a second to clear his head, Del Rio, rather than just picking up the contract,  played with it like a cat does a ball of yarn. When Del Rio's valet Rodriguez jumped in the ring to grab the contract and Dolph punted it out of the ring, it had a natural feel to it... But Del Rio was having some difficulty with his timing and the clipboard.

This just shows that Dolph can even have a good match with a clipboard. Edge once had a match with a laptop that was right along these lines. When it turned into a tug of war for the contract and Sheamus came out to tell them that both men would have a shot in a triple threat match on SmackDown this Friday, it makes you question how much longer the Great White will be holding the title. 

Regardless of Friday's match, this is all leading up to a great Money in The Bank match for the World Heavyweight Championship at the up coming pay per view. Clearly two of these three men will be participating and hopefully, we'll some other guys who would round out this match like Kofi Kingston, R Truth and and maybe Daniel Bryan.

Ziggler's showoff mantra just fits perfectly with being Mr. Money in The Bank, so while I don't expect him to capture gold on Friday, it is most certainly in his future.

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