Chris Jericho Returns to Raw and Metal Gods Don't Get Ring Rust

John KindelanAnalyst IIIJune 26, 2012

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Last night John Cena cut one of the greatest promos of all time as he went over recent events but tied the entire thing to Star Wars. Not once did he stumble. It flowed out of him with such ease you would have thought there was a teleprompter in the ring. I'm sure even the Cena haters had to sit there and say this is fantastic, but before we could get the conclusion of the Star Wars tirade, Chris Jericho interrupted John Cena.

Jericho was conveniently suspended over a month ago due to an incident in which he disrespected the Brazilian flag. Upon his return last night the WWE showed how Chris spent his "suspension" as a Heavy Metal rocker performing for crowds in Europe, clearly commanding the crowd as well as he does the ring.

Jericho's interruption of Cena's promo for a huge Jericho fan like myself just made that moment on Raw even better. Jericho called out Cena and told him "Shut the Hell up and get out of my ring." Cena made a comment about things being "fudged up" which had Jericho stop his tirade to comment and say, "Fudged up?" Cena's reply, it's a PG rated show, what do you want, in which Jericho retorted, What are you, nine? So Cena acknowledged most of the people who watch the show are indeed nine. Vicki Guerrero stopped the two, however, as she announced that the Money in the Bank match for the WWE title would consist of only former WWE champions. She went on to say that Jericho would face Cena in the main event of tonight's show.

Their match at the end of the night was spot on. The back and forth matchup was so quick and well executed it was one of the best matches Cena has had in some time. Jericho has the amazing ability to make anyone he's in the ring with look fantastic; he elevates the wrestler to his level and always puts out the best work. This is to be expected when you're the man who is the master of 1,001 holds. 

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Just before Cena could tap out to the Walls of Jericho, The Big Show entered the ring and laid a leg drop on Cena. The ref immediately called for the bell, disqualifying Jericho, giving Cena the win. This didn't sit well with Jericho, but when Big Show looked at him and gestured if Chris had a problem with him, his former tag team partner stepped back and offered Cena to Big Show to do as he wished. Jericho left the ring and the Big Show slapped a submission move on John Cena causing him to turn purple and pass out.

Chris Jericho's return to Monday Night Raw was simply stellar. He showed up once again interrupting the most popular guy on the show, trash talked him and had a fantastic match at the end of the night. The Money in The Bank pay per view sounds like it's going to work overtime to make up for last month's No Way Out event. 

Stay tuned for another article in regards to the man I think is a young Chris Jericho himself, Dolph Ziggler, and for more of my articles and some comments about the upcoming Money in the Bank ppv. Check out The BOOM Page. 

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