A Fan's Letter To All The Baseball Cheaters

Mitch. Mitchell.Correspondent IFebruary 13, 2009

Author's Note: The following is not a real letter, but is intended to dramatize what the young fans of baseball are thinking when they hear the reports of rampant steroid usage among their heroes. It is written from that point of view.

Dear Major League Baseball:

My name is Timmy and I am a disabled child. I have been in a wheelchair for a very long time.

I use to have lots of heroes in sports until they started cheating me and the fans, as well as their teammates, by taking drugs they were not supposed to take.

My grandpa was in a wheelchair the same as me and he took drugs the same as Bobby Clark, because they both had the same sugar disease.

It was OK to take those drugs because it helped to fix them, and the doctor said they had to.

They didn't take illegal drugs like the heroes I use to have in baseball. I don't know for sure about hockey, because I don't think they caught any yet.

But if they do catch them in hockey, they won't be my heroes anymore either.

I always dream at night when I go to bed about being one of my heroes, but I guess I can't because I am in a wheelchair.

Now I go to bed at night and think of all the cheaters in sports, the ones I thought I would like to be if I wasn't crippled.

My mother said "Timmy, they are not all cheaters, but a lot of them are!"

I don't want to be like them and cheat to make lots of money and to be better than my teammate and sign a big contract.

I am going now because I don't want to watch cheaters anymore, but I like sports so much!

Maybe someday the boss will fire all the players who cheat, just like they do with cheaters in other jobs.

I am sad and my friends are sad also.