US Olympic Track Trials: Allyson Felix Should Concede to Jeneba Tarmoh in 100

Blake Dorfman@blakedorfmanFeatured ColumnistJune 26, 2012

Allyson Felix needs to focus on the 200, where she has the best chance at winning gold in London.
Allyson Felix needs to focus on the 200, where she has the best chance at winning gold in London.Michael Heiman/Getty Images

Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh are in an interesting state of limbo after Saturday's tie for the third and final spot on the United States women's 100-meter dash team.

Felix should take the limbo stick and break it over her knee.

Barring false start or injury, the 26-year-old will punch her ticket to London in the 200 meters, her best event, on Saturday. The 100-meter fiasco will be decided by either coin toss or a run-off, with the process just unveiled because USA Track and Field previously didn't even have a procedure in place for such a dead tie.

A coin toss would abhorrently lame. A run-off would be exciting, but Felix would be better served to focus on the 200. It's the event she has three world titles and two Olympic silver medals in. It's the event in which she has a chance to stand atop the podium in London.

The 100 meters is contested before the 200 at the Olympics, and conceding her spot would allow Felix to focus solely on the 200 and prevent the dreadful thought of an injury of some sort in the 100.

From a nationalistic perspective, the 200 is where Felix has a better shot of keeping a gold medal out of the hands of reigning Olympic and world champion Veronica Campbell-Brown of Jamaica.

Felix finished second to the Jamaican in Beijing before beating her for the world title in 2009. Last year, Campbell-Brown won the world title in Daegu with Americans Carmelita Jeter and Felix in tow.

With the Jamaica-United States sprint rivalry at the strongest it's ever been, giving up her spot to Tarmoh would be a move that shows a unified front on the American side. 

Of course, world-class athletes get to where they are because of extreme competitiveness, and Felix has every right to fight for her spot. But after she qualifies in the 200, the wise choice would be to get Tarboh to London for the 100.

Just don't hurt yourself when snapping the limbo stick, Allyson.