Much Like One Wrong Does Not Make a Right, Neither Does Two...Nor 104

Matt CullenAnalyst IFebruary 13, 2009

I'm going to go ahead and state the obvious, Alex Rodriguez was wrong in using steroids from 2001-2003. He can talk about the pressure he felt trying to live up to the contract, or how many fellow players were taking steroids, which are understandable reasons but does not excuse him.

The fact that we know of his positive test in what was supposed to be a confidential test however is also wrong. In this case, Alex Rodriguez was wronged; regardless of your opinion of the man, his results should have remained confidential like promised. The list should have been destroyed, and there should be dire consequences for whoever is responsible for his name coming out on this list.

I think we have talked enough about A-Rod though, he isn't the first baseball star revealed to have used steroids and he won't be the last, so we should stop acting so surprised when these names are uncovered.

This bodes another question though, there are still 103 more names out there. My inner-Yankee fan is screaming "Get all of the names out there! Another Yankee being singled out, why should A-Rod be singled out for what 103 other men did when it was supposed to be confidential?"

And it's not fair that A-Rod is out there being hung out to dry while the buffoon Bud Selig pretends to be disgusted and A-Rod is even contemplating suspension. (Which is ridiculous.)

I'm not going to take the route though that one man gets screwed therefore the rest should get screwed, much like Kobe Bryant should not have won MVP last year over Chris Paul just because he was screwed out of MVP two seasons before, or that Kate Winslet should not win an Oscar for her leading role in "The Reader" over Meryl Streep because she is overdue. (I've been dying to mention that.)

There are 103 other men that were promised the same thing as A-Rod and should not just be thrown under the bus for this. Two wrongs do not make a right, and neither do 104 wrongs.

These men should be able to trust Bud Selig and the players union to keep this from happening again, we already know that there's been a steroid problem in Baseball and we don't need more people's lives ruined to be reminded of that.

People don't want these names revealed because they think it might help baseball, they want them released because they are nosy, because they are inconsiderate of what was promised to these players. How many of them even participate in this if this test was not...

A) Confidential

B) Free of punishment

C) Used only to decide if drug testing needed to be established.

Screwing 103 other Major League Baseball Players will not help Baseball clean itself up, will not do any service to those players, and certainly will not help Alex Rodriguez sleep at night. Lets keep that list the way it is, unknown and look towards another exciting season and making it a better game.