A better ECW: The Ian Harrison Project Week 2. "An Instantly Classic Debut"

Ian HarrisonCorrespondent IFebruary 13, 2009

My ECW roster

Jamie Noble
The Boogeyman
D.J. Gabriel
Alicia Fox
Evan Bourne*
Jack Swagger
John Morrison
Katie Lea Burchill
Mark Henry
Ricky Ortiz
Paul Burchill
The Miz
Tony Atlas
Tommy Dreamer
Christian Cage
T.J. Wilson

New wrestlers are in BOLD.

For any questions please refer to Week 1 for any questions, which can be found at this link.


ECW Week 2

The show begins with Teddy Long standing in the middle of the ring.  He welcomes the fans to the show and says the show will be huge tonight.  He says that nine men will be in a battle royal for the number one contendership at No Way Out.

He announces that Jack Swagger will go one on one with a superstar who is debuting superstar tonight.

An Evan Bourne video package is shown, teasing his return.

We return with John Morrison in the ring, and he claims that he already earned the number one contender spot, and calls Teddy Long to the ring.  Teddy says that he agrees that Morrison has earned a No. 1 contendership, and that his match will be next week, the week before No Way Out.

Morrison looks shocked, and asks what he's supposed to do the rest of the night.  Long says he will have a match, and it's next.

After about 10 seconds, Ricky Ortiz's music hits, and he brings his rally towel down to the ring.  Morrison stomps him th second he tries rolling into the ring.  Morrison goes to the ground and starts pounding him.

Morrison picks him up and Irish whips him into the corner.  Morrison then runs at him and hits a clothesline.  Morrison pulls him out of the corner and goes for Moonlight Drive, but it is countered.

Ortiz bounces off the ropes and hits a clothesline.  He repeats.  He goes for a third, and Morrison ducks, but Ortiz hits the opposite rope and delivers a jumping shoulder tackle. Ortiz poses for the crowd.


We return and we see a video of Morrison hitting an enzugiri.  Both men are on the floor.

Morrison gets to his feet first and climbs to the top rope.   Right as Ortiz gets up, he dives for the rope, and knocks Morrison off the ropes.  Morrison thuds in the the ring, and Ortiz picks him up, and hits a suplex on Morrison.  Ortiz goes for the pin.

1-2, kick out.

Ortiz sets up for a power bomb, but Morrison drops off his shoulders behind him, and hits a neck-breaker.

Morrison drags him so his body is in a good position, and Morrison does a split legged moonsault.

Morrison gets the pin.

Morrison grabs a mic and says that the crowd better cheer Jack Swagger tonight, because he won't be champion much longer.

He leaves the ring.


Jack Swagger's music hits and he makes his way down to the ring, showing off his title.

The crowd are on their feet, awaiting a debuting star, and Bret Hart's old music hits.

The announcer tells the crowd that it's T.J. Wilson, with Natalya.

Wilson, while still on the ramp, says he's as good, if not better than anybody in the Hart family.  He then goes on to say that he is going to take the WWE by storm, just like his entire family has done.

He gets in the ring and stares down Swagger.  He hits Swagger with a cheep shot.

Wilson stomps him until the referee pulls him off.  He poses for the crowd.  Wilson picks him up and throws him into the corner, and hits the top rope punches.  

The crowd was really into it.  After hitting the last punch he jumps off the rope and poses again.  Swagger hits him with a massive clothesline, and they're both down.

The ref gets to a four count before Swagger gets up.  He picks Wilson up, and appears to be going for his finisher.  Natalya then gets on the apron to distract him.  He lets go of Wilson and runs after Natalya.  

He turns around and gets hit with a massive punch.  Wilson bounces Swagger off the rope and sends him on an Irish whip, Swagger ducks a clothesline from Wilson, but as he was hitting the opposite rope, Natalya grabs his feet and trips him.

Swagger gets back up and turns around and yells at Natalya and is getting booed.  He pulls Natalya up to the apron, but she pulls his neck down and bounces it off the the rope, and he falls violently to the mat.

Wilson bounces off the rope, and as Swagger is bent over trying to get up, Wilson hits a horizontal jumping kick to the side of his head.  Wilson climbs to the outside, and does a springboard diving elbow.

Wilson gets the pin.

Wilson and Natalya are in the ring celebrating.


We come back to the show and see Paul Burchill, Mark Henry, DJ Gabriel, Jamie Noble, Finlay and The Miz in the ring.

The Boogeyman's music hits, and he makes his way to the ring.

There is one guy left, and Tommy Dreamer's music hits.

As soon as he gets to the ring he is pounded on by Mark Henry.  Paul Burchill is attacking DJ Gabriel, Finlay and The Miz are going at it, and The Boogeyman is attacking Jamie Noble.

Boogeyman is pounding on Jamie Noble, and he hasn't missed a punch.  He throws Noble over the top, but he didn't fall to the floor.  Boogeyman grabbed his worm sack which was in the corner, and without hesitation, Jamie Noble jumped off the apron, and ran to the back.


Boogeyman turns around, and is clotheslined over the top rope by Mark Henry.


Gabriel is finally getting in some punches on Burchill, but The Miz hits him from behind. Finlay is getting beaten by Mark Henry.  Mark Henry is trying to throw him over the top rope.  The Miz lets Gabriel and Burchill go back to fighting and tries to help Mark Henry eliminate Finlay.

Hornswoggle comes out from underneath the ring, and attacks the Miz.  The Miz is beating up Hornswoggle, and Finlay gets a sudden parental burst of energy,  He punches Henry, and Henry lets go.  

Finlay is beating up the Miz, and Hornswoggle tries to escape the ring, but is caught my Mark Henry.  The Miz points it out, and Finlay lets go of Miz and attacks Henry.  He hits a lot of punches, and then throws Henry over the top rope.


Dreamer is helping Gabriel with Burchill.

Right after Finlay emilinated Henry, The Miz knocks him on to the apron.  Tony Atlas pulls Finlay off the apron.


Dreamer and Gabriel finally throw Burchill over the rope.


They high-five and turn around and the Miz clotheslines both of them, and they're both on the apron.  The Miz thinks he has won, and is celebrating with his back turned.

Tommie Dreamer punches DJ Gabriel and DDT's him while on the apron.


Dreamer comes back into the ring, and tries to throw The Miz out.  The Miz goes over the top rope, but isn't eliminated.  Dreamer runs off the rope and comes charging at the Miz.  The Miz sees him coming, and he pulls down the top rope.  Tommy Dreamer falls over the top rope.


The Miz celebrates and John Morrison comes to the ring.  He grabs the mic and tells The Miz after he wins the title, that the match at No Way Out is every man for himself.  


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