WWE News: Latest Updates on Potential Returns of Several Top Superstars

Tim DanielsFeatured ColumnistJune 25, 2012

Courtesy: WWE.com
Courtesy: WWE.com

One of the main reasons the WWE ratings have dipped since WrestleMania has been the high rate of injuries and suspensions to top superstars. Without them to fill the void left by legends like Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and The Rock, things have slowed down.

Good news is on the horizon, however. It appears some of the company's big stars are getting close to making their presence felt on a weekly basis once again. Let's do a quick roundup of who's nearing a return and what direction they might go when they do get back.


Rey Mysterio

Mysterio was nearing a comeback from a serious knee injury when he was suspended 60 days for his second wellness policy violation. That comes to an end today, according to Richard Gray of Wrestling News World, which means the fan favorite will be available once again.

The WWE has had a serious lack of high-flying superstars in recent months with Evan Bourne and Sin Cara also sidelined. It left a void in the shows, but with Sin Cara recently returning and the end of Mysterio's suspension, things should return to normal soon.

A veteran like Mysterio holds a lot of value. He can either slide into a main-event spot and help bring a new dynamic to a feud or slide down to the mid-card and contend for a title. That type of versatility has really been missed since last summer.


Chris Jericho

The WWE has been hyping the return of Jericho on tonight's Raw after serving a suspension for a highly-publicized incident involving the Brazilian flag while on tour. Now that the story has died down, he will return to television.

It's important to remember the last time he came back, he stood silent in the ring for weeks and, knowing Jericho, he probably has something else up his sleeve this time around. He portrays the perfect heel and has been sorely missed in recent weeks.

Since coming back at the beginning of the year, Jericho has basically been serving as a main-event jobber. Even though that's always been something Y2J has been more than willing to do to help other talent, it would be nice to see him win a belt before he leaves again.



Aside from a single appearance at Royal Rumble, Kharma has been off television for more than a year. Justin LaBar of Wrestle Zone passes along a report that states the dominant Diva is fit to return and the company is simply waiting for the right timing.

The feud everybody has been waiting to see is Kharma against Beth Phoenix. In terms of pure wrestling ability, they are both a step above the rest of the Divas and could actually give the division a boost after being an afterthought for so long.

As Raw begins its transition to three hours, the Divas should receive more than two minutes for their matches, so perhaps that's what the WWE has been waiting for. Regardless, her return will be a welcome addition and should make things in the division a lot more interesting.