Anderson Silva Unleashes Years of Pent-Up Anger at Chael Sonnen

Jeremy Botter@jeremybotterMMA Senior WriterJune 25, 2012

Photo by Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE
Photo by Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Going into today's UFC 148 conference call, I wasn't sure what to expect from Anderson Silva. In fact, I wasn't sure if I should expect Silva to participate in the call at all.

I heard a rumor over the weekend that Silva would not be doing any more public relations work for this fight and, as such, would not be involved in the call today at all. 

Instead, what we got was a fired-up Anderson Silva unlike any we've ever seen before.

A few choice quotes from Silva's conference call:

I'm going to break every bone in his face and all of the teeth in his mouth.

He's a criminal that doesn't even deserve to be in the UFC. I am going to beat his ass out of the UFC. He will never want to fight again once I'm done with him.

What I'm going to do to Chael will change the image of the sport. I'm going to break his arms, his legs and every one of his teeth.

I'm going to beat him the way his parents should have beaten him.

As you can see, Silva wasn't mincing words. Sonnen, the wordsmith who has done so much to hype this fight (largely on his own, while Silva remained a passive bystander) was overshadowed completely on the call.

And you know what? I suspect Sonnen is incredibly happy about that right now. He finally has a dance partner on the promotional side.

But from the tone of Silva's voice, he's not promoting a fight—he's pissed off, and he finally decided to lay it on the line and say exactly how he feels. He's out for blood, bones and humiliation.

And that's a pretty scary thing.