Matt Hardy vs. Paul London, The War Of Words: Real Life Hatred Revealed

Sterling EbyAnalyst IFebruary 12, 2009

Paul London takes the first shot in an interview on the False Count Radio Show. Paul London shows displeasure for Matt Hardy,when asked about his epic ladder match with The Hardy Boys, MNM, Dave Taylor and William Regal and himself and Brian Kendrick at Armageddon 2006, he immediately shoots at Matt Hardy.

“All I remember was that I hate Matt Hardy, I think he’s a piece of s—. And I was trying to go into that match with as much of a professional mindset as possible without trying to murder this person. I think he’s a coward.”

London recalled a story from his perspective of Hardy telling on him on catering, as if the situation were from a high school cafeteria. “I said a cuss word in catering and he actually raised his hand and told on me,” London claimed.

He later back-tracked in the interview to say he doesn’t hate anyone, but “that doesn’t mean I can’t be opinionated or have a complete lack of respect for somebody.”

London explained his opinion further: “The thing with Matt is no respect. Just a rotten person. He tries to pull the wool over people’s eyes and put himself over online, but he’s the definition of a mark for himself.

"I just don’t like the guy. He’s done some things to try to sabotage my career, without going into detail, but (he is) the definition of a coward.”

London said he thinks his brother Jeff Hardy is a great guy and he has his all-time favorite match in WWE against Hardy on a tour of Mexico. “Jeff and I went out there on the last day (of the tour) and stole the show,” he said. (He also made a crack about Jeff being on drugs, even though later he basically admitted he smokes pot.)

“Jeff’s the cool one and Matt’s the fat, ugly one who carries a chip on his shoulder because his brother is more popular than him,” London claimed.

This week on WWE Universe, Matt wrote an in character blog. Matt Hardy took a blatant shot at Paul London with his own fiery remarks. In this blog, he wrote:

"If Christian did happen to become ignorant enough to interfere with me and my plans, he might find a "Black Cloud" above his head.

You know, the same kind of "Black Cloud" that took away everything from some "Hooligan" that used to be employed by the WWE.

"And these are facts: it's someone I got hired after allowing him to have a great match with me on Velocity, and then by going to bat to management for him. It's someone who wrestled his most famous and self-confessed "favorite" WWE match in a contest that I was in and totally engineered and manufactured.

"And then he became bitter because he attempted to follow in my footsteps, and couldn't measure up as a man in any way...and I mean in any way. Just another example of what happens when you attempt to cross Matt Hardy, I ALWAYS win in the end. Not only am I "The Starmaker," I'm also a "Startaker." Enjoy your pathetic life; you're welcome."

The Hooligan remark is a remark made as many former Brian Kendrick and Paul London fans noticed that their attire read out "hooligan" giving them the nickname "the Hooligans."

On June 23, 2003 Matt Hardy faced off against Paul London on an episode of WWE Velocity. In Late August, Paul London began working in Ohio Valley Wrestling, shortly after debuting in the WWE.

And the match that Matt Hardy is talking about was once again their match at Armageddon 2006. So what are your thoughts on this, everybody?