WWE: Why CM Punk Must Become the Super Heel of Monday Night Raw

Michael GuadalupeFeatured ColumnistJune 27, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

There are really only two current WWE superstars who, if they turned heel, would have really any impact on RAW.

Those two superstars are John Cena and CM Punk.  Now while many people have been calling for Cena to turn heel, it's something that just won't happen.  Even now, while it may seem like the best opportunity to turn Cena heel because of how many fans are behind CM Punk, Cena does too much outside of wrestling to turn him heel.

His spokesman and Make-a-Wish roles would come under risk if he went from being a face every week on RAW to a heel.  The WWE would also risk losing that mass market of younger kids who all cheer for Cena.

That leaves us with CM Punk.  We have already seen how well of a heel Punk can play, when he clashed with Jeff Hardy back in 2010, and also when he led the New Nexus.

Punk's heel turn would benefit not only himself, but other wrestlers as well.


Yes! Yes! Yes!

Daniel Bryan's popularity at this point is going far and beyond anything the WWE can control.  Bryan was supposed to be a heel character himself, yet now it’s clear he has a huge fan following which is evident from the amount of YES! chants that we hear almost every Monday night.

If Punk were to turn heel, it would make dropping the title to Bryan much easier.

Bryan could go off and feud with someone else like John Cena (look, he’s going to get the title back sooner or later, we all have to accept that) while Punk goes off to feud with someone else (maybe Orton?) dominating as a heel character.

Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

Where Have All The Good Heels Gone?

Have you seen the lack of good heel wrestlers on RAW lately? If we can agree that Daniel Bryan is supposed to be a heel, but has instead turned out to be a favorite of the fans, who is really left to dominate the heel scene?

Sure, they could always bring over Christian and have him turn heel on RAW, but how many times now have we seen Christian play the heel role now?

Would he even get a big reaction as a heel at this point?

Sheamus made a solid heel when he first debuted, but turning the Great White heel on RAW would only hurt both SmackDown and Dolph Ziggler.

Even the current heels are lacking on RAW.

Could Alberto Del Rio become a super heel on RAW?  I don't think fans would want to see him become that heel, and he would probably just get injured again.

The Big Show seems to still be running rampant on RAW, but who is honestly interested in what Big Show can do?  For that matter, Show really isn’t all that scary as a heel to begin with.

There really is no one left on the roster that could turn heel and be so dominant at it like Punk would be.

The super heel is dying, but CM Punk could be its savior.

Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

We Don't Need Two John Cenas


You might not want to hear this, but CM Punk is slowly turning into another John Cena.  I don't mean in the sense that he is going to start dressing like a power ranger, but remember when CM Punk told Cena he had become a dynasty?  That Cena was no longer the underdog?

CM Punk went into that match at last year's Money in the Bank match as the underdog.

A year later Punk is no longer the underdog, but instead has become so popular that he himself is turning into a dynasty.

Why would we need two superstars who never lose?  Why do we need two face wrestlers who seemingly overcome every obstacle set in their way?

Punk needs to turn heel so he doesn't end up being stuck the way that John Cena is now.  Cena won't turn heel, and it's a shame because it’s an opportunity wasted to see John Cena in a new role. 

There is still time to prevent Punk from getting stuck in the same rut as Cena, and a heel change would do just that.


Pipe Bombs Are Duds

Let's not forget what helped elevate CM Punk to the level he is at now.  The pipe bomb heard around the world helped establish Punk as one of the best in the world.

This would also be one of the last great promos Punk would deliver.  Prior to Punk winning the WWE championship, and right before he was leaving the company, Punk's promos were very natural and real, which is why they were so good.

Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

When he returned however, as a face wrestler, his pipe bombs lacked the same explosive power.  Things felt much more fake and scripted.

A switch to a heel role could help bring back the natural feeling that Punk's promos once had.

Let's not forget that one important part of that promo is how Punk said one of the reasons he was leaving was because of the fans that were cheering him.  Yet here we are, about a year later, and even more people cheer for him now.

Could Punk couldn’t turn say something like that now, since he is a fan favorite.  If he were to turn heel though, he could let the fans have it like he did in his promo heard around the world.


And That's The Bottom Line

One of the biggest potential reasons to turn CM Punk heel would be a possible match against Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania 29.  Who wouldn't want to see this match?  Austin feels like he has one more match in him, and watching Punk vs. Austin is amazing from a fan perspective.

If the WWE planned on doing anything with this, story wise, they would have to turn Punk heel.  Austin transcends face/heel roles at this point, so Punk would have to be the one to get heat.

It goes further than just preparing for a possible match against Austin.

There is also the rumor of Punk teaming up with Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar.

With an angle like that, Punk Heyman and Lesnar could run rampart on the WWE as a super heel stable.  It would also create something that we haven't seen yet in the WWE.  Punk's wrestling abilities and microphone skills combined with Lesnar's raw strength and Heyman's genius.  Who would be able to stop that?

Turning CM Punk heel would shake up the WWE Universe as we know it.