Previewing No Way Out: Randy Orton vs. Shane McMahon (No Holds Barred)

DozerCorrespondent IFebruary 12, 2009

It was my wife's birthday and it was right in her backyard, yet there was something even bigger than that.

It was January 19th, at the AllState Arena in Chicago, IL...where both my wife and CM Punk grew up in the North Side neighborhood.

It was Monday Night RAW and the boss was back! After his unfortunate 'accident' during the final show of 'Million Dollar Mania', Vinnie Mac had been MIA for over six months. He finally made his very hyped up return to WWE TV.

Two weeks prior, Chris Jericho had been fired by Stephanie McMahon, only to show up the night Vince came back saying that Vince told him he could plead his case.

Jericho and Orton had teamed up to try and remove JBL from the World Heavyweight Championship match at the Royal Rumble against John Cena. That obviously didn't work seeing how Jericho got fired.

While both father and daughter were in the ring, Vince called out Jericho to state his case. Stephanie made Jericho apologize to her and then get on his knees and apologize to all the WWE fans—man, I SO wish we were there to see that, but I couldn't get tickets.

Shortly after, Orton came out and started talking trash to Stephanie; telling Vince that after she popped him out a couple of grand kids, she's become essentially worthless.

Vince would take no more as he threatened to fight Orton right then and there if he didn't apologize. Orton wouldn't, and as Vince started to yell out that infamous phrase, Orton smacked him to his knees and then kicked him down to the mat.

Following that, was the "kick heard 'round the world" when Orton punted Vince McMahon in the head. Stephanie came down crying, screaming her head off while security and referees restrained Orton.

Orton went on to win the 2009 Royal Rumble that Sunday, and the following night on RAW, threatened to sue Stephanie McMahon and the WWE, and to stop WrestleMania if he were to get fired anytime between then and WM25.

At that point, the entire RAW locker room emptied out onto the stage, staring down Orton. Stephanie said that firing him would be "too easy" and that they had bigger plans for him.

At that point you hear Shane McMahon's music. There was no jumping around the stage walking backwards and kicking up his feet like Mohammed Ali—he was there for business.

Shane took off his suit coat and unbuttoned the cuffs of his shirt and proceeded to stare down Randy Orton and Priceless. Then he let loose, beating up up DiBiase and Rhodes, making his way up the ramp to get his hands on Orton. He even hit some of the other RAW superstars that were in his way.

The next week on RAW, Shane was in the ring saying that he was approached by Orton's legal team. He thought he was going to be handed a lawsuit for attacking Orton.

Instead, Orton issued a challenge to Shane for a match at No Way Out, which was accepted by Shane. So the stage was set for No Way Out: Shane McMahon VS Randy Orton in a No Holds Barred match.

The following week, both of the McMahon children were attacked in back by Legacy and as Orton went to punt Stephanie in the head, Shane dove in front of Orton, taking a kick to the kidneys to save his sister.

In her office later on, you see Stephanie talking to Kane, and you can tell that she'd been crying. She asked Kane if he "talked to him" and Kane said "He'll be here."

So now Kane was in the Elimination Chamber, and Randy Orton would be facing The Undertaker the following week in an attempt to weaken Orton down for his match against her brother.

Team Priceless interfered on Orton's behalf to force the DQ giving Undertaker the win. It looked like the dead man was going to be exactly that. That was until Shane O Mac hit the ring and started to clear house.

Rhodes and Orton managed to get out of the ring, but DiBiase wasn't so lucky. While DiBiase was sitting unconscious in the corner, Shane went outside the ring and looked underneath. At this point, I had absolutely no idea what was going on and was so shocked to see Shane grab a garbage can.

"What could he be doing with that?" I wondered to myself doing my best impersonation of Festus. Sure enough, Shane wedged the can in between the two bottom ropes right in front of Ted DiBiase. He then climbed up the opposing turnbuckle and was pointing at Orton, almost to say "This is you come Sunday" and hit the Coast To Coast on DiBiase.

Now that we have the history leading up to the match, what's gonna happen when there's No Way Out for either of these men?

Shane has been in more hardcore type match ups that Orton has, but Orton is a better wrestler. From what I understand, Team Priceless is not allowed to interfere in the match, so it'll be somewhat even matched.

Orton has been on a roll lately—he's damn near unstoppable unless you put him on a motorcycle.

Shane is hellbent on revenge, on defending the McMahon family name and legacy. So who's gonna win, and how will it effect Randy Orton at WM 25? That's the question everybody wants to know.

This is going to be a very physical and violent match. Shane will no doubt be using every weapon at his arsenal—as will Orton. The battle will spill outside the ring, and probably spend as much time in the ring as outside of it.

Orton will dismantle the Spanish Announce Table (it's always the 1st one to go, go figure) and attempt to hit Shane with one of the TV monitors. Shane will duck and Orton will end up hitting the monitor against the ring post, smashing his hand in the process.

Shane grabs a Kendo Stick and cracks it over Orton's skull, knocking him out cold. Shane drags Orton up on top of the announce table, then climbs back in the ring.

He'll climb up the turnbuckles, and fly off and hit an elbow drop on Orton through the announce table, sending them both crashing the the arena floor. Stephanie then comes down to check on Shane, and to give him support and be his cheerleader.

EMTs come out to assess the damage, declaring that neither men are able to compete any further. Just as Lilian Garcia starts to announce the match a draw due to that fact, Shane starts to make it up to his feet and leans up against the ring apron for support.

He tosses Orton in the ring and goes for the cover, but only gets a two count. Then he sets Orton up for the Coast To Coast, but he'll end up sliding out of the way and hits Shane with the garbage can in mid-air.

He then covers Shane, and gets the three count. Orton gets up and raises his hands in Victory, but Stephanie grabs the mic and tells the referee to restart the match due to the fact that Shane's foot was on the ropes, and shows a replay proving that fact.

Orton gets frustrated, and pushes Stephanie down to the mat. Then he drops to the mat and starts pounding his fists, waiting for Shane to get up so he can deliver an RKO to him.

Once Shane starts to get up, Stephanie climbs back in the ring behind Shane and gives him a low blow. Orton then punts Shane in the head for the 1-2-3.

This gives Orton the win and all the momentum in the world heading towards WrestleMania. Stephanie will be heeled now and will go on to say that Shane was trying to buy the company out from under his father's nose, just like his Vince Jr. did to Vince Sr. and that she had to do what she could to protect the company.

Orton will then go on to face John Cena (but hopefully Chris Jericho) for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 25 in Houston, Texas.