This Is What Would Happen If: The ECW Championship Match Was Extreme Rules Only

David LloydCorrespondent IFebruary 12, 2009

I've decided to step out of the recap/prediction world, and delve into the world of fantasy. 

It was great being rewarded as an avid ECW viewer with the return of Christian to the WWE Universe.  One can only ponder the great entertainment ECW will probably during the Road to WrestleMania, as this brand's journey towards the grand event truly gets started.

Now, let's all do the Wayne's World dream do do, do do do, do do do...

"My Finlay...and I love to fight"  Cue the bagpipes.

Finlay makes his way down to the ring, with a shillelagh in hand.  He circles around the ring before placing the shillelagh in his corner, then looks menacingly towards the entrance ramp.

*Guitar rift breaks out* "Check 1, 2, ahhh yeah."

Swagger enters with the belt over his shoulder—a firm grasp on it to make sure he doesn't drop it once again.  He mouths off to a few hands, before entering the ring.  Swagger engages in a full blown salute, then enters a stare down with Finlay.

The bell rings—we are underway.

Swagger and Finlay get nose to nose before Finlay starts delivering a series a punches to Swagger's medulla oblongata.  Swagger escapes from the fury of punches, and gives Finlay a belly-to-back suplex.

Swagger picks Finlay up and delivers a running knee lift.  While Finlay is down again, Swagger delivers a punt to the mid-section.  As Swagger begins to celebrate his early success, Finlay grabs his shillelagh and gives Swagger a blow to the knee.

Finlay takes a few more shots to the torso of Swagger while he is down, then proceeds to use his bare hands to pummel his opponent.  Swagger counters the melee with a leg whip takedown.

Swagger exits the ring and looks for something to give him the advantage.  Lo, and behold—a trash can is conveniently under the ring. 

Swagger goes to hit Finlay with the foreign object, but instead receives a vicious kick to the abdomen.  Finlay uses the object to knock Swagger into near unconsciousness.

With his opponent down, Finlay locks in the elevated Boston Crab.  Swagger cries out in agony, but his able to fight his way out of it.  As the two grapple, Swagger gets his head under Finlay's arm and hits a Northern Lights Suplex. That opens up a pin attempt, but Finlay kicks out.

As Finlay gets back on his feet, Swagger charges at him.  Swagger's plans are thwarted when Finlay delivers a big boot to Swagger and puts him in a head lock.

Finlay continues to beat up on Swagger—after knocking him down again, Finlay picks up Swagger for the Celtic Cross!  The count goes one...two...SWAGGER KICKS OUT!

Finlay begins to argue with the ref, as Swagger gathers himself and sees Finlay's shillelagh.  Finlay turns back to his opponent and *wham* Finlay is down.

Swagger then goes back under the ring looking for a steel chair to inflict more damage on his opponent.  As he lifts the apron, he is shocked to see Hornswoggle who proceeds to spit a green liquid into the face of Swagger.

Blinded by the substance, Finlay regains control of the match.  He beats Swagger's head against the announce table and throws him back into the ring.  Finlay continues on the offensive until Swagger counters and gains momentum.

Swagger looks to be in complete control and hits the Red, White, and Blue Thunder Bomb!

Swagger takes a pin count to two and...CHRISTIAN BREAKS UP THE PIN!!!

Christian attacks Swagger and delivers and Unprettier to him. Then he throws Finlay on top.  The ref begins to count as Tommy Dreamer enters the ring, kendo stick in hand!

Dreamer lays out Christian, and beats on both competitors who are already down.  Dreamer makes his way to the back, and the ref begins the ten count.

Swagger is able to stumble to his feet just before the ref reaches ten, and walks out of No Way Out with another successful title defense.

On Tuesday night's ECW broadcast, Tommy Dreamer opens the show.

He explains that he doesn't care who he has to face, he just wants his opportunity to be the champion ECW deserves.  He expresses that it is a complete abomination that anyone other than himself carries the title in a brand he helped create.

Christian interrupts Dreamer and states that he is the one who will get a title shot at WrestleMania due to a stipulation in his contract he recently signed with ECW.  If Dreamer wanted an opportunity to challenge him, he would consider it...around June 7th.

Dreamer (extremely frustrated with Captain Charisma) points out how he was at the top in TNA, which might as well be like a WNBA team comparing themselves to a NBA team.  He explains Christian is no more extreme than the BK Kids' Club (throwing it out there to all y'all B/R writers).

Finlay comes out, and tells both men that he has already expressed his disgust with the outrageous interferences that occurred during his title shot.  Theodore Long has giving him his word that Finlay will get a chance to compete for the title at WrestleMania.

Later in the show, Christian is in Long's office looking for answers to what transpired.  Long reassures Christian, "No worries, playa.  You will get your chance to take on Swagger, Finlay...and Tommy Dreamer for the title just like I promised a tables match."

"Do do do, do do do, do do do...."

OK, so maybe Teddy Long won't announce the WrestleMania match for the ECW Championship right after No Way Out. 

But, the possibilities for ECW are endless this Sunday night. Wrestling fans should be very happy about Christian in the ECW as it only offers you more entertainment between Monday and Friday.  I mean, what else is there?  TNA?