There's Only One Way In, But There's No Way Out

Richard De CiccoContributor IFebruary 12, 2009

In the wake of yet another Wrestlemania, the WWE Superstars must first battle for the right to go to Houston on the first Sunday in April. Once again, it will be none other than an Elimination Chamber that will determine who will be the new World Heavyweight Champion heading into the much anticipated Wrestlemania XXV.

Everything is on the line (including careers) as six superstars fight for the right to walk into Wrestlemania XXV as the World Heavyweight Champion, one of the most prestigious honors in the business.

In the past, the Elimination Chamber has proven not only to be a major challenge for each participant, but also has affected and ruined the careers of many WWE Superstars. On Sunday, February 15, for the first time ever, both the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship will be decided in two Elimination Chamber matches.

And who’s waiting in the balance? None other than the 2009 Royal Rumble winner Randy Orton, who defeated 29 other men and now will be the challenger for the one of the two championships at Wrestlemania XXV.

The six participants in the World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber match (RAW brand) will include: Kofi Kingston, Mike Knox, Rey Mysterio, Kane, Chris Jericho, and the current World Heavyweight Champion John Cena. It will obviously be every man for himself when the superstars step into the structure from hell.

The odds are clearly against the champ, who only has a one in six chance of retaining the gold. However, when the odds are stacked against him, John Cena usually finds a way to prevail over his opponents.

This is a huge opportunity for young up and coming superstars Mike Knox and Kofi Kingston. A win in the Elimination Chamber match will not only give them significant notoriety, but can also be a stepping stone to a long and successful career in the WWE.

Chris Jericho will be looking to become a six time World Champion and the 2008 Superstar of the Year will certainly stop at nothing to once again walk into Wrestlemania as World Champion. He also probably has the best chance of stripping Cena of the title because of their previous history.

Rey Mysterio also knows what its like to be the main attraction at the granddaddy of them all and is looking to prove to everyone that size does not matter, only the heart of a champion.

Kane is always a force to be reckoned with. His size and strength and unusual agility will clearly be difficult to overcome for the other five participants.

And of course there’s Cena, the champ, who has seemingly overcome all obstacles to be where he is today. However, sometimes the challenges get bigger and more significant for Cena, who will look to prove that he is still the best in the business right now.

This match will be a free-for-all. It’s really anybody’s match to take. The WWE should get a lot of buys for No Way Out mainly because of the two Elimination Chamber matches. The RAW match will be a compelling match because it’s not guaranteed that Cena will retain the title.

However, the best outcome for WWE would be for Cena to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. The only other competitor that could possibly win would be Jericho, but I think Cena will overcome any threats from the Canadian superstar.

So now the question becomes…Will Randy Orton choose to challenge the winner of the RAW Elimination Chamber or the Smackdown Elimination Chamber? Only time will tell. Nevertheless, the two matches should prove to be great.