"Master Mind: The Sequel" Starring Josh McDaniels!?!?!?

Anthony Allen Contributor IFebruary 12, 2009

Feb. 12 2009

A Josh McDaniels interview @ denverbroncos.com struck me as strange. A confident nearly borderline smug coach McDaniels came off with a bit of the same brass as...you guessed it our QB Jay Cutler.

His confidence and hidden knowledge glows through a unique little grin casted by the chuckle of confidence and smile of character. You know that almost every word out of his mouth will be nearly gold, but how will it translate to action?

How much easier was it said then done? Quite frankly I'm actually laughing at how funny the whole situation looks.

Four score and about oooohhhh...Twenty years ago, a young fresh-faced coach who had coached with a legend, coached a legend and one of the greatest offenses of its time (Montana, Coach Bill Walsh, and the finely tuned machine known as the 'Niner offense in the '80s) was sent to interview Mr. Pat Bowlen.

A frustrated and malcontent Mr. Bowlen rid himself of a good coach who just couldn't get over the hump (Dan Reeves). BINGO!

Twenty years later, that same coach who was once a fresh faced baby genius has been the grinch for the last three years missing the playoffs. His legacy will forever be embedded into Bronco history, but isn't it strange how life blesses you so greatly but damns you in the same manner????

Coach Shanahan was brought in to guide our Young messiah "John Elway" to become great.

Coach McDaniels situation is sooooo drastically close to that of the way Shanahan was, it's bound to get a few looks on the silver screen in Hollywood pending the way Coach McDaniels turns out.

The main issue for coach McDaniels is to maintain the high octane offensive assault assembled by the staff of 2008. If it does not produce what it did last year it could be a backfire on him.

And a possibility of a 3-4 scheme will be a steep hill to climb and if the top is not reached Mr. Bowlen may be under scrutiny from some of the bronco faithful bitter about coach shanahan's firing.

But boy if McDaniels comes in and turns the Defense around and keeps the offense the way it was at high levels last year on a consistent basis, boy he will look like a genius! Or better yet " A MASTERMIND."