Habs Recipe To Success: New Funky Wierd Shocking Lines Right From Carbo's Brain

Harani T.Correspondent IFebruary 13, 2009

As an ardent fan of the Montreal Canadiens, I compare ourselves to the Titanic. We're all on this big ship sailing together, rooting for our favorite Habs. At the moment, the ship is sailing to dangerous waters and we, the people travelling are on the verge of holding on to our dear life. 

I say this because if you are a true fan, you would never jump out and try to save yourself. It is physically impossible. And all we can do is hope to survive and we will if we stick together instead of calling everyone out. 

Today, the Montreal Canadiens held an 80-minute practice in which coach Guy Carbonneau desperately pulled out some new lines. At this moment, I will take anything for a win. If you haven't found out yet, Tomas Plekanec has been suspended for two games for tripping Grebeshkov of the Edmonton Oilers


So, the lines as announced by Carbonneau are as follows: 

Alex Kovalev - Saku Koivu - Tom Kostopoulos  

Andrei Kostitsyn - Chris Higgins - Sergei Kostitsyn                                            

Max Pacioretty - Maxim Lapierre - Matt D'Agostini                                      

Georges Laraque - Steve Bégin - Tomas Plekanec 

I like the Koivu-Kovy rekindling of the old mates who created magic once upon a time. Who cares? With Pleky out, someone needs to center Kovy. Tom Kostopoulos creates traffic and usually drives the opposing defensemen nuts. So, this could actually work.

As for the second line, I think it is a very smart decision by Carbo to put Higgins at centre. With the number of empty nets he misses, it doesn't matter where he plays and he just had to feed the puck to the one of the brothers. Just the fact of being together motivates the Kostitsyns.

I have always wished to see the third line together. It look absolutely lethal. Not because of the skill level of the players but because they constantly play like they care. They want to play and it shows on the ice. Lots of speed and intensity to be expected.

The fourth line seems like a typical grinding line. The hard work from Bégin and Laraque can absolutely help. I'm not saying, they'll score, but it's enough if they do their job.


The defensive end seems to struggle of late but there is not much that can be done. Andrei Markov had five giveaways in the game against the Oilers. But no matter with whom he plays, he's the one who control his movement.

So, I feel that unless the guys take it upto themselves and put their heart into playing their positions, we cannot win. The time we spend in the defensive takes over the majority of the game that every single mistake they make is magnified. 


Carey thought ''he worked his bag off'' at the practice today and in the audio, he sounded pretty freshened up barely 24 hours after allowing seven goals in Edmonton. Jaroslav Halak gets the start tomorrow (Friday) night against Colorado.

Hopefully, I think Price should be playing in Vancouver because it is his hometown and he will want to prove something to his friends and family. So, it would be justified that he get the start. And to face Luongo on the other side, he should be pumped even more.

We can put end it to this earlier than we think. You'll be surprised at what 60 minutes of hard work and effort can do. Go Habs Go! 


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