WWE Opinion: Millions of Reasons to Love AW and the Prime Time Players

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistJune 25, 2012

From WWE.com
From WWE.com

Don't look now, but tag team wrestling is quietly making a comeback in the WWE. 

Not only is the WWE featuring more tag team matches on weekly TV and pay-per-views, but there are actual feuds between actual teams. 

Another encouraging sign for the genre is seeing the vast majority of top tag teams in matching gear, instead of coming off as two talents creative threw together for filler fodder. 

This pertinent touch shows the WWE's new found investment in its tag team division as an influx of hungry, young stars try to take a bite out of those big, copper championships. 

While the tag team titles themselves remain in limbo, due to an injury suffered by tag champion R-Truth, the division itself is being fortified in a revolution currently lead by the upstart Prime Time Players. 

The heel duo of Darren Young and Titus O'Neil was heavily featured on WWE NXT: Redemption, and have now joined forces. The young team is now being managed by exuberant and skilled talker Abraham "AW" Washington, who has been teasing the formation of AW Promotions for weeks on RAW.  

The aptly-named Prime Time Players' momentum has only continued to increase since AW joined their fold, shamelessly selling out the blander, yet talented, team of Primo and Epico. 

Hitting the ring in an assortment of his and his matching neon trunks and black boots, the cocky tandem could easily be dismissed as yet another pair of arrogant heels trying to draw attention to themselves. 

But swaying rhythmically in the ring after each victory, defiantly bumping and grinding to their form-fitting hip-hop theme music reminiscent of a Swizz Beatz production, while pompously chanting "Millions of Dollars," the team has a tangible gimmick. 

They have a purpose. 

And while a public mission statement of money over everything is certainly nothing new for a heel to preach in pro wrestling, AW and the Prime Time Players have optimized an otherwise commonplace goal into a Twitter-friendly battlecry, further playing up a theme of shameless self-promotion.

#MillionsOfDollars. #MoneyMakingScholars. 

The ambitious goal of becoming rich and famous being strictly associated with winning the tag team championships adds more value to a pair of copper belts that have been an afterthought for far too long. 

The Prime Time Players have potential to be the type of team who fans want to boo more than they want to cheer babyface teams like the current tag team champions R-Truth and Kofi Kingston, who lack the same chemistry. 

Should their in-ring work continue to improve along with their self-promoting antics, this will be the type of breakout tag team that completes the revitalization of the tag team division while eventually being too cool to jeer. 

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