Pittsburgh Steelers: 5 Pittsburgh Steelers We Trust Most in the Clutch

Joseph BrunoCorrespondent IJune 25, 2012

Pittsburgh Steelers: 5 Pittsburgh Steelers We Trust Most in the Clutch

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    The Pittsburgh Steelers have lost a lot of veteran leadership this offseason, although, that doesn’t mean they are devoid of clutch players.

    Being clutch can be many things, whether it is throwing for 500 yards, getting one more first down or just being healthy and available for your team.

    Here are the five players who I would trust most during a clutch in-game situation currently on the Pittsburgh Steelers roster.

Heath Miller

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    Heath Miller is always one of the most underrated players in the NFL and has been under-utilized in recent years due to having to continuously help out the offensive line.

    In his earlier years, Miller was a redzone nightmare for defenses and he was more of a safety blanket for Ben Roethlisberger.

    With the change in offensive coordinator, I expect to see Heath more involved in the offense this season instead of being basically a sixth offensive lineman.

Ben Roethlisberger

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    Ben Roethlisberger is the best quarterback in the league with his combination of size, strength and elusiveness.

    Of course Ben is one of the best when the play breaks down however, he is just as good when defenses force him to stay in the pocket.

    I would not want any other quarterback to lead the Steelers with the team down in the fourth quarter and the Steelers are never completely out of a game as long as Ben is still standing.

Troy Polamalu

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    Troy Polamalu is still the best safety in the NFL and is a terror for any offense to deal with in every single game.

    Troy may not have huge interception numbers every year however, he flies all over the field and lives in the opposing quarterbacks head.

    When the Steelers need a stop on defense you don’t know whether Troy is going to make a one handed interception or jump over the offensive line but you know he’ll do something great.

Antonio Brown

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    Although Antonio Brown is only in his third season in the NFL, he has already shown to be one of Ben’s favorite and more reliable targets.

    In Brown’s rookie season he showed the ability to be clutch with late receptions against the Jets and Ravens in the playoffs.

    With defenses doing everything they can to cover Mike Wallace, Brown has shown to be more than able to make a play either as a receiver or a returner.  

LaMarr Woodley

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    I really honestly believe LaMarr Woodley is going to have a great season in 2012 and could possibly be the defensive player of the year.

    Woodley has gotten better as an overall player every year since becoming a starter and he has always been dominant in the playoffs.

    LaMarr picks up his game during the postseason and this past season’s loss to the Denver Broncos was actually the first playoff game of his career that he did not record a sack.