Manny Ramirez Needs Some Sunscreen as He Waits

Joe NoaCorrespondent IFebruary 12, 2009

Can you imagine seeing Manny sitting under an umbrella, at the beach, sunglasses on, drinking his tropical drink with a straw?  He's staring at his cell phone, waiting for that call from his agent Scott Boras to give him the news about where he is going.

It's safe to say that Manny has been waiting for quite a while for that call.

I can imagine Boras texting Manny, telling him not to worry, he's still going to get those four years at $100 million. He just doesn't know when and where. It may be the Dodgers. It may be the Giants. Boras said he had a mystery team waiting to make a move.

I know for sure it's not the Mets.

Omar made it clear he was not interested in Manny. That's too bad for Manny. He could have been playing in left field in a lineup that would have been compared to "Murderer's Row."

Manny could have put up some huge numbers at the new CitiField. Delgado, Wright, Beltran, and Reyes would be playing at their peak without the bad memories of the last two years.

I don't think money was the issue. The Mets can afford $25 million even with Fred Wilpon being taken by Madoff. Manny would sell merchandise and the Mets would raise more revenue through the sponsors. The Mets would own the back pages even with the team from the Bronx signing three major free agents.

Manny needs the Mets more than the Mets need him. Manny wants the guaranteed years and the Mets won't commit to that. If the Mets signed Manny it would delay the progress of future stars Daniel Murphy and Fernando Martinez. Murphy is slated to platoon with Fernando Tatis in left and F-Mart may be a call-up in the middle of the season should one of the regulars get hurt.

If the Mets still need a hole to fill, Church could become trade bait and Martinez could be called up to take his place.

This shows that the Mets could have a good balance and a good future with these kids for more years than Manny can offer.

Manny may be a quick fix but the Mets are looking long-term.

The Dodgers need Manny just to fill the seats. The Mets drew four million in attendance without Manny. The Dodgers can sell "Manny" merchandise. The Mets are the merchandise.

With the lineup the Dodgers have, Manny may become a very expensive intentional walker. The Mets have a balanced lineup if Castillo and Schneider hit higher than their weight.

It may be that Manny gets his $100 million and his four years, but he may have to go farther west than LA. Does Japan or Korea sound like an option?

In the meantime, Manny sits on the beach by his cell phone, waiting for that call, just hoping Boras will come through with his promise. So far, it seems like an empty promise.