Unpretty Return For Christian!

RykzCorrespondent IFebruary 12, 2009

After months of speculation and all the backstage gossip our patience was rewarded the return of captain charisma was upon us.

Wait, that's not right. ECW? Really? No hype, no promos, nothing at all!

OK well I think most of us were expecting him to return at the rumble, whether it was to attack Jeff or the 30th entrant to come in and win it. The next night on Raw most us we a bit deflated from the night before we all knew that Randy Orton was going to win the rumble but where was Christian? Ah there was still a Smackdown show to go but we were all disappointed again.

Well we all got our answer on ECW when Christian returned to fight a rather new challenge. Jack Swagger is not a bad wrestler or talent by a long shot but Christian return deserved a lot more than that.

The reason Christian left the WWE was because his talent wasn't being appreciated. He was stuck in a mid card rut and there was no getting out of it. So he did the only thing he could and wow what a job he did in making a name for himself.

Christian Cage TNA champ was born, a superstar making headlines everywhere, no one remembered the sidekick of Edge anymore but instead they saw Christian stand on his own feet he became the Instant classic. So when he came to the end of his contract all eyes were on the WWE.

So why did Vince bring the Instant classic back? To bring up the ratings on a show which is doing worse off then TNA? Well I think he got this one wrong and I don't remember thinking that much about the WWE chairman. He should've given in to the fans and gave them what they wanted. Everyone is screaming out for a showdown with Edge.

Christian is a different wrestler than the one who left all those years ago. I think this is just a warning shot to all those who jump ship and want to come back. Just because you were a star elsewhere doesn't mean you get that treatment here, especially if you just come from the main competition.

I think Christian will go on and beat Swagger or Finlay for the title at Wrestlemania but then Vince will draft Christian to Raw and not Smackdown. I know everything is great with Randy Orton running the show but there always room for a new feud and with Batista still out they could do with another star there. 

I think we may have to wait a while till we see Edge and Christian together again I'm thinking survivor series Team Edge vs Team Christian.

Welcome back Captain charisma.