UFC 147: Rony Jason, 4 Fights for the TUF Brazil Winner to Take Next

Andrew BarrCorrespondent IJune 24, 2012

UFC 147: Rony Jason, 4 Fights for the TUF Brazil Winner to Take Next

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    It might not have been pretty, but Rony Jason walked away from UFC 147 as the featherweight winner for The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil.

    Godofredo Pepey proved to be a confusing fighter to face, frequently charging forward with ridiculous looping punches and pulling guard on more than on occasion, only for neither fighter to mount much offense on the ground.

    Indeed, it was an unusual fight, but one that all three judges agreed Jason won.

    With the win, Jason is now a member of the UFC's roster and featherweight division.

    Here are five possible fights for him to take, now that he's under the Zuffa banner.

Diego Brandao

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    Diego Brandao seems a fitting first fight for Jason.

    Both are TUF winners and Brazilian warriors. Would make a great fight for the next time the UFC visits Brazil or for any card, really.

Dennis Bermudez

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    Dennis Bermudez is another TUF alumni and finalist, coming up short in his finale against Diego Brandao.

    Since the loss to Brandao, Bermudez has rebounded nicely with a decision win over the seasoned Pablo Garza.

    Both Bermudez and Jason have potential but have much to prove before facing the division's top contenders.

    Why not match 'em up?

Cody McKenzie

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    Fan favorite Cody McKenzie is currently 2-2 under in the UFC and about to face the toughest test of his career in the form of Chad Mendes.

    If McKenzie loses the fight—which most believe that he will—he will be in dire need of a win.

    Jason probably isn't quite in McKenzie's league, but it's not unusual for the UFC to give a fan favorite an easier fight in order to get them back on track.

Nam Phan

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    Nam Phan has gained a following during his time in the UFC, due to his two exciting bouts against Leonard Garcia. However, Phan is also 1-3 in the UFC and in dire need of a win.

    At this point, the UFC Brass must be wondering if Phan has what it takes to compete in the UFC.

    A match against Jason would be a good measuring stick.