Todd-O-Logue No. 2: Leave Alex Rodriquez Alone!

Todd FarinoCorrespondent IFebruary 12, 2009

Here's A-ROD! Again we have A-ROD in the news. No, not for breaking records or winning MVP's, but this time steroids. Oh, we all knew we'd fine dirt on this bad boy sometime right? He was too good to be true.
The $25 million man is now caught in another scandal that was uncovered by Sports Illustrated that Alex Rodriguez took steroids from 2001-2003. This is on the heels of his divorce and rumored sexual encounters with Skeletor Madonna (See Picture Below) .

After hearing this story in detail on every major news network and ESPN I pondered my feelings and emotions on this topic.
Obviously, I'm no fan of cheating or steroids, but this wasn't your everyday steroid case. The first thing that got my attention was that in 2003 before MLB put in all the tough steroid rules, they randomly tested a whole bunch of players to see how bad the problem was. These results were not punitive, nor were they ever suppose to be leaked.
So my first problem is with Major League Baseball. What gives? How do you let this information leak to those snipes at Sports Illustrated. Yeah, I said snipes. If you don't know what it means, just think of a rat looking for food and when he snipes it from a hungry child, that is a snipe. So how did they get the information?
Was Sports Illustrated out to find the truth or were they lagging in magazine sales, so they figured, "Hey we can increase sales if we drum up some big scandal about steroids right before the season." Apparently the desperate executives at SI agreed. So they targeted the biggest star they could and the one with the most problems, Alex Rodriguez, AGAIN.
I'm sure they went through his trash, followed him around, talked to his friends from junior high, and then one day some A-hole at MLB who probably got laid off sold the info on the greatest scandal in the world for $25 bucks and a Big Mac.

Whatever the case and however they got it I don't care. Give the man a break. Have you ever done anything wrong, maybe give yourself an advantage? Especially at such a young age. Let me put things into perspective so us "little guys" can fully digest this.
A 26-year-old man all of a sudden gets a $25 million a year contract from the Texas    Rangers. All of a sudden he is not only the highest paid player in the league, but he was considered the best. Now, that puts a lot of pressure on a 26 year old.
So he wanted to make sure he lived up to what had been created around him. Heck, he didn't create it, we did. The fans, the owners, the press, everyone but him.
He just wanted to play baseball and get paid and when the dust settled from the teams fighting over him, he got a huge obscene paycheck.
Ok, I get it. He's over paid. There are lots of people who are overpaid for the work they do and guess what, they don't try any harder. Let's look at paper pushing lawyers, OVERPAID. Congressman, OVERPAID.
Half of the players in baseball are overpaid. Heck, I think I'm overpaid! So let's get beyond that. What it comes down to is A-ROD was crippled to the pressure of the job and made some very poor choices took some steroids to stay on top.
I don't know why? Maybe because it was the thing to do. Let's be straight here, 104 players tested positive, not just A-ROD. It was also fashionable to do it. Now, I don't know if he did them to work out harder or if he was nursing injuries. Whatever the case, he stopped, its over and he no longer does it. He did it for two or three years of a stellar career and I'm not holding it against him.

Everyone makes mistakes. Just the other day, I left my wife's over sized Valentine's Day card on top of the car and drove down the street before I realized it. So when she gets it, it will have street marks all over it. I know of so many mistakes people make, yet the vindictive reporters at Sports Illustrated have no problem attempting to destroy a man over something he did six years ago.
I think it putrid. Even when Jim Grey embarrassed Pete Rose at a MLB celebration. Why does the media always have to burn another person just to be the first to get the story.

We have all made mistakes in our lives. Maybe we did it five years ago, or 10 years. Heck, I took my stapler when I left a job once. Why? Because I liked it. The point is, if everyone's dirt got splashed onto the web, we'd all be embarrassed and ashamed.
RC would stop watching iCarly on Nickelodeon, Ryan would be embarrassed for wearing women's clothes on Friday nights to get free drinks. And I would certainly be so ashamed if people found out that I think I'm perfect and I've got no skeletons even the my closest door is bowing.
Not like RC's love of Ricky Martin's hit song, "She Bangs". Only it's the William Hung version. Ok, I digress.
Let's put this story in the file labeled who cares and move on to what is more important, the 2009 Major League Baseball season. I want to be the first person to say, I like Alex Rodriquez, I wish he wasn't a Yankee, but I think he's been dragged through the dirt enough and we should leave him alone.
However, I will say this to Alex, "Come on brother, you are worth $25+ million a year. Hang out with hotter women. Trust me, it's ok and we expect it.