Petey Williams Released, What Does the Future Hold?

Joe DohertyContributor IFebruary 12, 2009

It's official, Petey Williams has been released from TNA Wrestling along with Lance Rock and Jimmy Rave. But one company's lose is another company's gain, well, in this case anyway.

So, the former X Division Champion was released. Why, you ask. 

Word going around the company is that they are cutting people to freshen up the roster by removing talents who have been with TNA on the under-card for an extended period of time and haven't really done anything.

This will also give the company a chance to bring in new talents. Well, I thought Petey was one of the better talents on the TNA Roster, although, could this pull off to be one of the best things that will happen to Petey in his wrestling career.

I wrote an article earlier about a possible Team Canada in the WWE, which included Petey Williams. But I think if he were to be signed by the WWE, it could give everyone a whole lot of options, which will make the WWE better. 

Not only will they be redeveloping the Cruiserweight Division, with Ex-TNA talents like Low Ki and of course Petey Williams.

But they will be a big draw for wrestling audiences because of what they can do in big matches like Money in the Bank and the occasional TLC match. 

But it also opens the door for some guys in ROH, TNA, and in the Independent circuit who are good lightweights, good high flyer's and can really give the WWE something that they have been missing out on for a few years now.

If Petey did go to the WWE and turned out to be a success, then the WWE can be smug and say "Look at what our main rivals gave us." 

It would be good financially over a long term period but it also gives off a theme that for all the doubters out there, the WWE is far superior than T-N-A.