FC Barcelona Rumoured Ready To Offer $20M for Arsenal's Emmanuel Eboué

czarsenalCorrespondent IFebruary 12, 2009

Unnamed sources and English translations of El Mundo Deportivo report that FC Barcelona are looking at Arsenal midfielder/defender Emmanuel Eboué as a potential transfer target.

Sources commented that since Cesc Fabregas continues to rebuke any and all claims that he is linked in any way with a return to La Blaugrana, the Camp Nou giants have turned their attention to the next best thing.

"We are very much interested in Emmanuel. People think we were talking about Emmanuel Adebayor, but it's Emmanuel Eboué we really like. His obvious commitment to winning was shown in his display in the North London Derby, where he was sent off after making a committed tackle on Modric exemplifies this."

"We will not be hoodwinked by Arsenal again, after they sold us that Hleb fellow."

"Also, we will not be embarrassed by having players, like Henry, get all choked up about their love for Arsenal."

"We feel that if Arsenal fans don't want Eboue, and they make a mockery of his name when he does not play well; we will take him. Our fans are much more forgiving, and we never whistle or jeer our players"

Eboué was not available for comment. Arsene Wenger is reported to be interested in discussing terms with Barcelona. Sources close to the story report: "Arsene values quality, commitment, and leadership. Eboué has not shown that as of late, and so, we feel that Arsene is already targeting a summer exit for Eboué."

News of the World has not confirmed or denied the story. Pundits agree that any report they publish about this, or any article on Goal.com, must be a sure sign that this is nothing more than a fantasy/humour post on Bleacher Report.