Tournament to the Greatest Wrestler Ever: Bracket No. 4

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IFebruary 12, 2009

The question has been asked so many times: Who is the Greatest Wrestler Ever? That's a question you will get to answer. My bracket is not perfect. Nothing will be ever be perfect.

My brackets took me about two weeks to do, and I think I put up the best matchups and again you will not agree with the seedlings and who is facing who, but I think it's the only way everyone could have faced someone the haven't faced before.

So when you are done reading the matchups there will be no predictions from me, but your votes on every matchup and for the matchups you don't vote on, I will pick myself.

So go out and vote because B/R community your vote counts. All matchups will have a summary that I will put together to put a case together for who has the advantage of winning, but I will vote last after everyone has voted.

I will wait three days to tally the vote and put together the second round of the 32 remaining after this round and so on and so forth.


Bracket No. 4


Top Bracket

#1 Bret Hart vs #16 Jimmy Snuka

Bret Hart is one if not the greatest and has everything to show for it. He is a champion and is certified top three ever. Jimmy Snuka is remembered for the jump of the top of the ladder in MSG. I give Bret the edge in this one.


#8  Freddie Blassie vs #9 John Cena

These two made the sport bigger than it was at the era they were in. Cena has been champion almost half of the time he has been there. Blassie on the other hand is in the top-5 ever and has been a champion through out his life. I see a close one here.


#7 Booker T vs #10 Sgt. Slaughter

I think these two have been great champion's at the time they were heel or face. Booker has done a lot of great things outside of the tag team division when Harlem Heat broke up. Sgt. was a great champ like Booker but I think Booker gets the edge in this one.


#2 Triple HHH vs #15 Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndoff

I think these two would been great if they got the chance to face each other and it would been a great match because they have that IT factor in both of them. Triple HHH has been a colorful champion and has beaten them all and then beaten them again. I like HHH in a match like this i would give the edge to him.


Bottom Bracket

#3 Mr. Perfect vs #14 Mick Foley

How interesting would this have been The Perfect One vs The Hardcore Legend. I love these two worked the crowd in there career. I think these two will be in thought's of everyone for decades to come I like Mr.p Perfect because he is Perfect I give him the edge.


#6 Edge vs #11 Jesse Ventura

Both have something in common there prime came in the second half of there career and have made most of it and it would be hard to choose because both have something about them that got them to the championship.

Edge has held 25 titles you would be lucky to hold one in your career. Jesse had the chance to face Hogan but the trigger was never pulled that could have put him over the top in his career. This is one is also a toss up.


#5 Buddy Rogers vs #12 Kane

WOW what a match up this could have been. I think Buddy Rogers could out smart Kane in any type of match and i would give Buddy the edge in almost every category. So this will be close in the voting because I think this could be an upset but it would be close.


#4 Roddy "Rowdy" Piper vs #13 Gorilla Moonson

I think Piper could put Gorilla asleep fast but Gorilla is always a what if so it could be good match Piper never got the world title but is the greatest IC champ in my book. I would definitely give the edge to Piper in this one.


Go out and Vote thanks for reading have three other brackets to do.

-Adrian Staehle