Tournament to the Greatest Wrestler Ever: Bracket No. 3

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IFebruary 12, 2009

The question has been asked so many times, Who is the Greatest Wrestler Ever? That's a question you will get to answer. My bracket is not perfect nothing will be ever be perfect.

My brackets took me about two weeks to do and I think I put up the best matchups and again you will not agree with the seedlings and who is facing who but I think it's the only way everyone could have faced someone the haven't faced before.

So when you are done reading the match-ups there will be no predictions from me but your votes on every match-up and for the matchups you don't vote on I will pick myself.

So go out and vote because B/R community your vote counts. All matchups will have a summary that I will put together to put a case together for who has the advantage of winning but I will vote last after everyone has voted I will wait three days to tally the vote and put together the second round of the 32 remaining after this round and so on and so forth.


Bracket No. 3

Top Bracket

#1 Brunno Sammartino vs #16 Lex Luger

Bruno is the greatest and is second on my list to Flair and I expect him to go far in this tournament but you decide and i think Bruno has the edge in this one.


#8 Pat Patterson vs #9 Dean Malenko

This truly a wrestling match up and really the greatest IC champ vs the greatest US champ ever i think this could be a main event match if there were in there prime today.


#7 Chris Beniot vs #10 Dusty Rhodes

The Crippler vs The American Dream what a match up that could be another close one. I think Chris is the better wrestler but Dusty has the heart and had it every time he held the title. This two combine 40 years of experience and heart in the ring and both have beaten the best. A great matchup...period.


#2 Undertaker vs #15 Killer Kolwoski

This is a scary match up on one side you have the Deadman and you have killer Kolwoski I mean this is a good match up in my mind. Undertaker gets the nod from me in this one and this would probably be the only safe pick I would pick now.


Bottom Bracket

#3 Verne Gange vs #14 Rick Rude

One has been champion on his own business organization and the other has been a stud in the business in till the day he died. Both Champion's and a great matchup. To me it's a toss up.


#6 Randy Orton vs #11 Iron Sheik

This is Randy Orton all the way to me he has the edge in a lot of categories and i think Sheik wouldn't have the mindset of the ring like Orton does. This would me a good match up and i still even though it would be Orton it's still a toss up in this one also. Randy Orton will be in his prime for maybe a decade or more.


#5 Harly Race vs #12 Owen Hart

This is a good matchup and I think I would go upset in this but it's Harley Race but then there's Owen it's hard to pick one I give the edge to Race in this one. Harley is the one of the greatest champs ever.


#4 Randy Savage vs #13 Cheif Jay Strongbow

The Macho Man has got the edge in this one a champion and has the best career someone could ask for. Strongbow has had battles with everyone but is one of the wrestlers that has the greatest heart and courage.


Go out and Vote thanks for reading have three other brackets to do.


-Adrian Staehle