Tournament to the Greatest Wrestler Ever: Bracket No. 2

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IFebruary 12, 2009

The question has been asked so many times, Who is the Greatest Wrestler Ever? That's a question you will get to answer. My bracket is not perfect nothing will be ever be perfect.

My brackets took me about two weeks to do and I think I put up the best matchups and again you will not agree with the seedlings and who is facing who but I think it's the only way everyone could have faced someone the haven't faced before.

So when you are done reading the matchups there will be no predictions from me but your votes on every matchup and for the matchups you don't vote on I will pick myself. So go out and vote because B/R community your vote counts.

All matchups will have a summary that I will put together to put a case together for who has the advantage of winning but I will vote last after everyone has voted I will wait three days to tally the vote and put together the second round of the 32 remaining after this round and so on and so forth.

Bracket No. 2

Top Bracket

#1 Shawn Michaels vs #16 George "Animal" Steele

This match is interesting for one reason these two are opposites and opposites attract and that's why it would be interesting not good but interesting. HBK is one of those special performs we will never see again and he gets the edge in ever categorie in this one. HBK is a champion in ever sense of the word.

#8 Larry Zbysko vs #9 Jeff Hardy

The reason Jeff is so far down is because you have to take in account to everyone but this match up is basically skills vs speed and craziness. This matchup is one in a million because one is a legend and one is becoming one.

#7 Eddie Guerrero vs #10 Davey Boy Smith

This another matchup speed vs power to fallen legends and hero's to some this would be a dream match to me because these had so much passion and heart for this business and the winner of this match would really be the fans.

I think this could be the closes voting out of all of the matchups.

#2 Stone Cold Steve Austin vs #15 Greg "Hammer" Valentine

This match up is one sided if i were to say because Austin is one of the greatest if not the greatest. Greg has been a champion and has had a wonderful career and has done everything perfect to a tee. I say Austin has got the edge in this one.

Bottom Bracket

#3 Hulk Hogan vs #14 Barry Windham

Hogan has been the flagship person for the last two decades and nothing will change that but Barry has a couple of championship's under his belt with a lot of big win's. This could go either way but Hogan get's the edge.

#6 Chris Jericho vs #11 Ivan Putski

The one and only Chris against Ivan is a pretty good match up Ivan has been a fan favorite all through out his career and has had a great career and is a Hall of Famer. Jericho still gets the edge out of the two in this one.

#5 Nick Bockwenikel vs #12 Terry Funk

This would sure be a classic these two have played heel's like no other they are so good at it and have had championship career's and I could pick a winner, but it's not up to me.

#4 Kurt Angle vs #13 "Cowboy" Bill Watts

Kurt is a submission machine a champion in every sense of the word like HBK and has some of the greatest matches ever seen and has the wrestling edge in this one but Bill is not a Hall of Famer for no reason.

Go out and Vote thanks for reading have three other brackets to do.

-Adrian Staehle