Tournament to the Greatest Wrestler Ever (Bracket No. 1)

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IFebruary 12, 2009

The question has been asked so many times, Who is the Greatest Wrestler Ever? That's a question you will get to answer.

My bracket is not perfect; nothing will be ever be perfect. My brackets took me about two weeks to do, and I think I put up the best match-ups.

So when you are done reading the match-ups there will be no predictions from me but your votes on every match-up and for the match-ups you don't vote on, I will pick myself.

So go out and vote because B/R community, your vote counts. All match-ups will have a summary that I will put together to put a case together for who has the advantage of winning but I will vote last after everyone has voted.

I will wait three days to tally the vote and put together the second round of the 32 remaining after this round and so on and so forth.

Bracket No. 1

Top Bracket: 

#1 Ric Flair vs. #16 Tito Santana

This is a good match with the stamina vs. speed, Tito cannot get Flair tired; he's the 60-minute man for a reason. This could be a possible upset, but i think with the presence of Flair he could have the advantage.

Flair is a 16-time world champ. Tito is a tag team and Intercontinental champ.

#8 RVD vs. #9 Ivan Koloff

A match someone can only think about; you have a former WWE, IC, European,Tag Team, Hardcore, ECW, ECW TV, ECW TAG champion who does the frog splash like no other.

He faces the "Russian Bear," the former WWWF champ, when he ended Bruno Sammartino's seven-year reign as champ. This is basically speed vs. power in what could be a classic match.

#7 Sting vs. #10 Eddie Graham

Sting is one of those wrestlers that everyone could see be their hero, with his matches with Flair and Hogan. He is a world champion and is facing one of the greatest wrestlers in Eddie Graham, a former US champ. This match up is even except for the fact of Sting mind games if they would work on Eddie.

#2 Pedro Morales vs. #15 Batista

This match would be great because of the power of both of these guys. Pedro is one of the greatest to lace up the boots, but when you are facing a guy named The Animal you could have some problems.

Pedro is a proven vet with 30 years under his belt, while Batista only has 7 years. Both have been world champs and it would be a interesting match.

Bottom Bracket:

#3 Ricky Steamboat vs. #14 Shelton Benjamin

This a great match up. These two are great and one has potential to exceed the other one day, but will he do it? The athleticism of both of these guys make it a great match up no doubt.

I would say that Steamboat has the advantage, but I can't be sure with Shelton. It will be a good match, though, with a lot of fast moves, so don't blink.

#6 Big Show vs. #11 Andre the Giant

The match that everyone wants to see but will never see. It is truly a dream match up of the two giants in wrestling. Just imagine these two in the same ring at the same time.

All I can say is WOW. I couldn't pick a winner if I wanted to.

#5 Rey Mysterio vs. # 12 Ted DiBiase

This a quality match up. I think experience is going to be a factor. Both are tag champs, but Rey is a world champ, even if some say its tainted because of Eddie Guerrero.

Ted DiBiase was one of the strongest heels in the WWE. I would give the experience factor to Rey in this one and that goes a long way.

#4 The Rock vs. #13 Peter Maivia

Grandfather vs. Grandson: what a match up! This could have been even though it would never happen ever. The Rock learned everything from his Grandfather, but Peter Mavia knows everything about Rock, so it could possibly be an upset.

Go out and Vote! Thanks for reading; I have three other brackets to do.

-Adrian Staehle