Team Canada To Save The WWE Tag Team Division?

Joe DohertyContributor IFebruary 12, 2009

After seeing that Petey Williams of TNA was released yesterday, and finding out about WWE's interest in Robert Roode, whose contract with them is expiring in April.

 This collided with the thoughts I was having a few days ago about factions and how they can have a major role to play in Wrestling.

Most of us will remember Team Canada from TNA a few years ago, and now seeing that two of its former members are on their way out of TNA, it could actually turn out to be very worthwile for the WWE to come in and steal its rivals group.

When you look at the possible members, you can see how they can rule throughout the WWE. Christian Cage, who recently made his surprising return, could be the leader, the guy who will go after the World Title's, as it's seen now he truly is a "Main Eventer". 

Then onto the women of the group, Nattie Neidhart, Maryse or Gail Kim, who would obviously go after the Woman's Champions or the Divas Championship.  Next we would have the Cruiserweight of the group, if you will. 

If they bring back the much needed Cruiserweight Championship, we could see Petey Williams, the Canadian Destroyer take over the division, which would be probably WWE's most exciting, now with Low Ki or his new WWE name "Kaval" coming in. 

And lastly, the Tag Team Division, Robert Roode who has done wonders in TNA with Beer Money inc, and maybe one of the young guys like DH Smith who is waiting for a big push from WWE, or TJ Wilson if the new Hart Foundation thing doesn't work out.

It would seem a very good idea having a new faction in the WWE, because I loved the NWO growing up, and even DX, I think factions are the way to go in wrestling, because for years in the WCW it was over with the fans and in the WWF/WWE, they too were over with the fans, and still are.

Would it be good to see a Canadian group come in?, not like the old "Un American's"



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