WWE Should Bring Eric Bischoff in as a Guest GM of Raw and SmackDown

Jacob RachwalCorrespondent IIIJune 23, 2012

Courtesy of tnasylum.com
Courtesy of tnasylum.com

This week, it was announced by Mick Foley on RAW that WWE was tapping into the past and giving “former” general managers an opportunity to run Raw and SmackDown for a week.

I thought of one name that WWE should try and bring in for one week: Eric Bischoff.

Conventional wisdom says that this is impossible due to Eric Bischoff being a contracted TNA talent. However, we have seen two instances over the past few months where this is no longer the rule.

Ric Flair (then a contracted TNA talent) appeared on the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony and WrestleMania 28. Christian (contracted WWE talent) appeared on TNA Slammiversary.

Clearly, if WWE wanted Bischoff to appear, they could make it happen.

Likely, it would require WWE to trade a personality to appear on TNA television. However, I don’t think that would be a bad deal. The buzz that this would create would be totally worth it.

I’d lend them Santino Marella for the night. He can go there and do something goofy for the night and WWE wouldn’t lose anything.

In addition, Eric Bischoff has always been very entertaining and could provide an entertaining episode of WWE television. Bischoff could reprise his feuds with people like John Cena and Mick Foley. Perhaps we could even have a Bischoff/McMahon bout.

Clearly, this is a long shot, however, WWE should explore this possibility.

We have seen that recent returns of former personalities such as Paul Heyman and Vader have brought a positive buzz to the company. If they can access Bischoff, what could it hurt? 

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