Penn State Projected Depth Chart

Mike PettiganoCorrespondent IFebruary 12, 2009

ZN's 2009 Penn State Football Preview - Personnel

I know it's very, very early, but here's what we can sort of expect going into spring practice.

Penn State has a bunch of really good players coming back, which makes it all the more difficult to tell who will take over once we get into summer workouts. Here's my projected spring depth chart.

QBD. Clark, rSr.K. Newsome, Fr.M. McGloin, rFr.
RBE. Royster, rJr.S. Green, rSo.B. Carter, r.Jr./B. Beachum, So.
FBJ. Suhey, rSo.M. Zordich
TEM. Shuler, rSr.A. Quarless, Sr.A. Szczerba, rSo./J. Ditto, rSo.
WRD. Moye, rSo.C. Powell, rSo.
WRG. Zug, rJr.J. Brown, Fr.
WRB. Brackett, rJr.J. McDonald, rSr.A.J. Price, rFr.
LTD. Pannell, So.N. McCormack, Sr.E. Shrive, Fr.
LGJ.B. Walton, rSo.M. Stankiewitch, rFr.Q. Barham, rSo.
OCS. Wisniewski, Jr.D. Klopacz, rJr.M. Stankiewitch, rFr.
RGL. Eliades, rJr.J. Troutman, rSo.Q. Barham, rSo.
RTD. Landolt, rSr.E. Shrive, Fr.M. Farrell, rFr.
DEJ. Crawford, So.K. Latham, rSo.T. Golarz, rSr.
DTJ. Odrick, Sr.A. Koroma, rJr.C. Okoli, rSo.
DTO. Ogbu, rJr..T. McEowen, rJr.D. Still, rSo./B. Ware, rFr.
DEE. Lattimore, rSo.J. Hayes*, rSr.J. Stewart, rSo.
LBN. Bowman, rJr.B. Gbadyu, rJr.M. Yancich, rFr.
MBJ. Hull, rSr.C. Colasanti, Jr.M. Mauti, So.
LBS. Lee, rSr.N. Stupar, rSo.A. Dailey*, rSo.
CBA.J. Wallace, Sr.D. Thomas, Fr.D. Lynn, So./D. Thomas, Fr.
SD. Astorino, rSo.G. Hodges, Fr.
SN. Sukay, rSo.C. Jeffries, rJr.
CBK. Timmons*, rSr.J. Alfreno, rJr.D. Lynn, So./S. Morris, Fr.
PKA. Fera, Fr.C. Wagner, rJr.
PJ. Boone, Sr.R. Breen, rSo
KRC. Powell, rSo.A.J. Wallace, Sr.
PRD. Lynn, So.G. Zug*, rJr.
LSA. Pitz, rSr.



























*Notes: Jerome Hayes will probably play a stand-up defensive end position, similar to what he was doing the past two seasons before he was hurt.

Andrew Dailey is rumored to be moving to safety, but he might end up staying at linebacker. Timmons will also probably move to corner. I put Graham Zug as the backup punt return specialist because Joe Paterno usually likes to have one white guy with good hands available.