UFC 147 Weigh-In Results: Weigh-Ins Build Interest in Fight Card

Montique David@@montiquedCorrespondent IIIJune 23, 2012

What is better than an intense staredown or even a confrontation after weighing in? Not much. Think about when Nate Diaz knocked Donald Cerrone’s cowboy hat off of his head or when his brother Nick decided to crowd B.J. Penn’s space.

Weigh-ins are the final selling point.

What happens in the weigh-ins could be the difference between paying that $55 to see it on your flat screen or hanging out and refreshing your B/R live update page.

With that being said, this card needs all of the help it can get. Fans everywhere were clamoring to see Silva clobber the overmatched American in a rematch. However, that’s when the main event was Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen.

Wanderlei Silva vs Rich Franklin, not so much.

But then the weigh-ins happened and they have changed my mind.

The icy stare and gentle sway of the Axe Murderer made me wonder for a second if Franklin knew what he was getting into. Could we be on the eve of Silva connecting with one of his signature rush combos that sends Rich crashing down to earth and the fans of Brazil leaping out of their seats? Or will Rich have another Ace up his sleeve?

One thing is for sure and that’s, if looks could kill, the Axe Murderer would have earned his name last night. That stare was telling me and all of the viewers at home that Wand is ready to knock Rich’s head into the fourth row.

So maybe this will be one of the lower-selling PPV efforts in a long time for the UFC, but it definitely won’t be for the lack of a good final sell and staredown at the weigh-in.