New Jersey Nets Need To Trade for Ron Artest

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New Jersey Nets Need To Trade for Ron Artest

Apparently, the Rockets have offered a Ron Artest-centered package to the Nets for Vince Carter.

Despite the many comments posted on NetsDaily, I actually really like the trade. First of all, Vince Carter is a dick. Last year, I went to a Knicks-Nets game, and got to stand on the court and high-five all the players as they came on. (I also met David Lee before the game, and he was really cool.)

Every player happily smacked my eager hand, except Carter, who yanked his hands in toward his body as he stepped onto the court.

But that's not why I like the trade. I like the trade because Artest is a damn good player making half as much as Carter and his contract expires after the year. The Nets would have to take on a couple of other players, but I think this move would kill multiple birds with one stone.

The team would be better with Artest, plain and simple. It will land them an expiring contract. And, perhaps most importantly, we get rid of Carter, whose contract runs until 2011. (For all you non-mathematicians, that's after the golden year of 2010.)

If the Nets' ultimate goal is to sign a monster or two that summer, they should do this trade. It won't hurt them this year, and will only help with their plans for the future.

Yet according to the report, the Nets aren't interested. I can't fathom why not.

Some may cite Artest's character issues, but he's been fine in Houston. How about Carter's attitude issues? You know, the laziness that he gets when his team fails? The way he jackassed his way out of Toronto? Come on, we're not exactly trading Lady Bing here.

So, my dear Nets, please make this trade. It will make me a very happy blogger and fan.

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