Hilarious Hockey Hi-jinks: Ridiculous, Obscure, and Funny Moments from the NHL

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Sometimes the funniest things happen when you least expect them.

In the heat of battle or the pressure of a big-game situation, the NHL has seen some of it's players come up with a few doozies with regards to memorable moments.

Then again, as Patrick Roy will show us, sometimes it just takes a bit of boredom to be funny.

Either way, the culture of the NHL breeds some...interesting moments.

10. Nelson Emerson throws Ed Belfour for a loop...

In the early 1990's, Nelson Emerson was really beginning to make a name for himself. Prior to the shortened 1994/95 season, Emerson had three-straight 20-goal seasons (including his first 30-goal year in 1993/94), and he had just notched two consecutive 70-point seasons.

While Emerson spent time with seven different organizations over his career (Eight if you think Carolina and Hartford are different), his most memorable moment came in a game against the Chicago Blackhawks when he was playing with the Winnipeg Jets.

With the game going to overtime and the two teams locked in a scoreless draw, Emerson took things into his own hands...literally.

As Ed Belfour went behind the net to play the puck, Emerson met him and grabbed the puck out of mid air. He then circled the net and threw the puck in the net.

Or at least at the net.

Because of the year, the transmission is a little fuzzy and the camera angles are limited, but unless you're a 'Hawks fan or your name is Ed Belfour, this'll bring a smile to your face.

9. Mike Ribeiro rhymes with Mia Farrow, but who's the better actor?

If you missed this, then I don't know where you've been—maybe you were watching reruns of Purple Rose of Cairo, Shadows and Fog, or The Secret Life of Zoey.

In the 2004 playoffs, Mike Ribeiro ended up on the ice, flopping around as if he had been shot in a game against the Boston Bruins.

While this was more disgraceful to the game than anything, the aftermath of the incident was hilarious. People dubbed the video with random sounds, clips from movies, and we were then privy to a Don Cherry "Reasons I don't like the French, certain Europeans, visor-guys, or soccer" rant for the rest of the playoffs.

Oh, and Martin Lapointe's reaction was pretty good too.

8. Rafael leaves Leonardo, Donatello, and Michelangelo behind, but can't beat Jose

Bad news, I spelt both the guy's name wrong and the Ninja Turtle's name wrong.

Way back in 2006 when Jose Theodore was still a Montreal Canadien, people were still proving that we here in Canada invest a whole lot in security.

Not only does our Prime Minister get hit in the fact by pies, but random rec-league hockey players named Raphael are permitted to just sneak on into Habs' practices.

After a poke-check on his first attempt, Jose Theodore allowed the man to shoot on him, admiring his courage.

According to this article, Alex Kovalev admired the man's right-handed shot.

Maybe the Habs could use him now?

7. What's worse? Being a Bust, or missing an open net?

Patrik Stefan can give you that answer.

Fortunately I don't want to spend a lot of time on this. The fact is, if Stefan were able to hold on to a respectable NHL career, he may have been able to dog this one.

Disappoint a franchise as a first overall pick and then miss an empty net?

No wonder he's now M.I.A.

6. Wide Right...

Dennis Wideman is in the same ball park as Patrik Stefan, but so far he's doing a lot better than him in making people forget about his blunder.

With the introduction of the shootout post-lockout, there was bound to be some blunders. The pressure put on the players in a one-on-one situation is immense, and it takes a lot to perform.

Figure skating also involves a lot of pressure too.

Unfortunately for Wideman, he got the two confused, mixing up his dance moves and his shootout moves.

5. Mike Tyson couldn't box like that...

Fighting a fan can never turn out well, just ask the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers how well that turned out, but when a fan is asking for it, it's a little bit different.

We're all familiar with Rob Ray beating a man into submission from his own bench, but we're also familiar with how deranged Philadelphia fans (be it the Flyers, Eagles, 76'ers, or Phillies) can be.

Tie Domi got a first hand experience of that when one fell into the penalty box.

What's even funnier is ESPN using their telestrator (about 31 seconds) to show where the fan came from to get to Domi (the fan actually lunged diagonally across a few seats and a row to get to the box).

Joe Bowen had a great clip where he was rooting for Tie Domi in the fight (Harry Neale's comment? "Watch the lawsuit Tie") but unfortunately I can't find it. Hopefully this act of kindness by Domi not only redeems the fact I can't find it, but Domi's abuse of the fan as well.

4. Money can buy you happiness, just through a third party...

Probably two of the biggest oddities in NHL history happened because of the almighty dollar.

The first one took a literal sense.

Kris Draper is the kind of forward every team needs: Gritty, hard-working, committed to the cause, and can chip in with some occasional offense. The guy also knows what it takes to win both on a team (four Stanley Cups) and a personal (2004 Selke Winner) level.

So it's funny to think that a player who has been so successful was acquired, ironically enough, by today's most frugal team, the Detroit Red Wings on June 30th, 1993.

For one measly dollar. Go figure.

The other monetary anomaly is about $999,999,999.00 more.

For those who forgot, Ed Belfour once was so intoxicated that he offered police officers a $1 billion bribe in exchange for freedom.

They later settled for a public apology, 24 months of probation, and a $3,000 fine.

Word is the one crooked cop in Dallas is still kicking himself for not accepting that offer.


3. Jeanneret is Generous with the laughs...

In all honesty, there's no one funnier in the NHL than Rick Jeanneret.

His longevity is unmatched, his timing is flawless, and his creativity cannot be rivaled by Picasso painting a picture of Jussi Jokinen shooting on Rachel Ray.

Thankfully none of that will ever happen, but thankfully Rick Jeanneret did.

He's a human highlight reel who needs no pictures. Just words.

2. Patrick Roy—about as smart as Donovan McNabb

Don't get me wrong, both are outstanding talents. They just need to read a rule book from time-to-time.

McNabb should be more than a little embarrassed about the fact that a tie in the National Football League was a foreign concept to him. Now he and the Eagles are associated with the fact that, if only for a week, they were equally as terrible as the Cincinnati Bengals.


Patrick Roy on the other hand was apparently unaware that, as a goalie in the NHL, you can't cross centre ice while carrying a puck. Apparently goalie-on-goalie breakaways are a no-no.

Who would've figured there'd be rules against that kind of thing?

Then again, cheating is for winners until they get caught. Then they're losers—or something like that.

But alas, unless it's from his own crease, we'll never see a goalie try to deke his brethren in the NHL.

That is until someone tries to use his 'tender in a shootout.

It's only a matter of time I guess.

Sidenote: The "Statue of Liberty" goal Roy allowed in the playoffs against Detroit a few seasons ago was also a possibility for this article, but it wasn't so much funny, as it was an arrogant goalie getting what he deserves, which is kind of funny in it's own right.

Fine. Here it is.

1. I wish I could bench the ref sometimes...

A lot of people have done a lot of strange things, and a lot of people have done some very scary things.

Robbie Ftorek decided that he wanted to combine the two.

Not only is Ftorek angry enough that he's decided to throw a portion of the bench on the ice—a piece of wood large enough to seriously injure someone—but he also...threw a bench on the ice.

That takes the cake. Even if Craig MacTavish were to have used Harvey the Hound's tongue as an ascot, this still wins. By a long shot.

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