WWE SmackDown Recap: Sheamus vs. Ziggler, Kane vs. Daniel Bryan and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IJune 23, 2012


WWE Friday Night SmackDown opened with Teddy Long. He announced that Mick Foley was the general manager, but he was interrupted by the Big Show. He didn't care about John Laurinaitis, the fans or John Cena.

He was moving on and wanted in the Money in the Bank match featuring the contract for Raw's WWE Championship. No one could stop him, and that brought out Brodus Clay.

The Funkasaurus was beating down the Big Show until David Otunga attacked his knee. Big Show then slowly beat on Brodus before hitting him with the WMD.

Otunga then did the dance made famous by Carlton Banks to end the segment.

I was actually enjoying this segment. Big Show was solid on the mic and wasn't boring me like he usually does. It was good to see him get beat up for once, too, but Otunga kind of ruined it.

I want to see the Big Show and Brodus Clay just beat each other down, not Otunga posing in the ring and dancing like a fool.

Brodus needs a real feud and one with the Big Show would be perfect for him.

Ryback vs. Two Local Talents

Here we have the typical Ryback squash match. He destroyed these two guys who probably still weighed less than he did if you combined their weights. As usual, there is nothing special to note here.

Backstage, Foley was with Yoshi Tatsu, who said he was a fan. Vickie Guerrero came in and told Tatsu to go eat sushi, to which he responded by calling her an ugly, old witch.

She revealed that she would be the general manager for Raw and SmackDown next week. The Great Khali then showed up and he and Foley danced.

Well, this was a nice little comedy segment. It's good to see that Vickie will be the general manager next week. She'll certainly be creating some interesting television.

Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio picked up the victory with the cross armbreaker. This was a really good match, as both Christian and Del Rio delivered some nice back-and-forth action. I wasn't expecting them to work this well together and I was quite glad to be wrong.

Christian is at the top of his game right now. The break he had to take due to his injury was a good thing. He came back rested and ready to go.

Del Rio sometimes doesn't get the credit he deserves, from myself included. He may put me to sleep on the mic, but the superstar from Mexico can wrestle a good match when given the chance.

Putting him in the ring with someone who can wrestle certainly creates an enjoyable match to watch.

Del Rio's skill in the ring is making me a fan of his, but his mic work still puts me to sleep. As soon as I'm able to stay awake during one of his promos, I'll be completely on board with Alberto Del Rio.

Kane vs. Daniel Bryan

After A.J. distracted Bryan by ringing the bell, Kane hit the Chokeslam for the victory. SmackDown continued its roll with another good match here.

Kane and Bryan have worked together enough now to be able to deliver a show when they're in the ring with one another. I wasn't too impressed by the first match they had against each other last month, but this storyline and feud has developed so well since its beginning.

Kane has never been better; his matches have been top notch since this feud started.

Bryan is usually at the top of his game, so you can put him in a match against anyone and he'll put on a good show.

A.J. is still the highlight of this feud, though. Everything she does is great, and the motives behind what she's doing are still very much unknown. It's that intrigue that keeps me coming back for more.

Mick Foley then made his way out. He thanked the fans but was quickly interrupted by Heath Slater. He wanted something done about what happened on Raw, but Foley just introduced his opponent, Zack Ryder.

This was a nice little segment, mainly because Slater is getting television time. He is incredibly underrated, and while he's always losing, he's at least getting featured each and every week.

Zack Ryder vs. Heath Slater

Ryder picked up the victory after the Rough Rider. This was a decent match that featured a bit of back-and-forth action. I feel that if this match went longer, then they could have delivered something good.

Like I said, Slater is underrated. If given the chance, he can deliver.

Despite the Ryder Revolution being very much dead, the fans still love Zack Ryder. I'd like to see him with the United States Championship back around his waist. His reign was cut way too short and he deserves another shot at the top.

The Usos vs. the Prime Time Players

The Prime Time Players picked up the victory here in a good tag-team match. Darren Young and Titus O'Neil are starting to impress me as a team. They work well together, and while I don't think they're ready for the titles just yet, they are certainly on their way.

A.W. is the best thing that could happen to them. While these guys can deliver as a team, their mic work leaves a lot to be desired. A.W. will fill that void.

The Usos are a very talented team and deliver every time they're in the ring. I don't get why WWE doesn't push them. I think they'd make great tag champions and it would definitely help the division if an actual team was holding the titles.

Backstage, the Prime Time Players ran into Primo and Epico. Primo punched A.W. right in the face and the Colon cousins started to beat down Young and O'Neil before referees pulled them off.

I like this new intensity for Primo and Epico. They're a good team and good wrestlers, but they were always missing something. I think that something was a level of intensity. They seem to have found it and I hope they keep it.

Santino Marella then appeared to show some signs in the audience. He spotted a "I Love Santino" sign and the woman was allowed in the ring. She planted a big kiss on him and the United States champion fainted.

So this is what the United States Championship has been reduced to? Any prestige this title had is completely gone. WWE needs to either get the title off of him or just scrap it.

Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler

After a big Brogue Kick, Sheamus once again defeated Ziggler. Much like their match at No Way Out, Sheamus and Ziggler delivered a very good match here.

Both of them are great in-ring performers and it shows every time they're in the ring. I think this will be the last time we see them wrestle each other, though.

Sheamus will be moving onto another challenger and Ziggler may get pushed back for returning superstars.

I hope to see Ziggler in the Money in the Bank match. That would be a good way to keep him in contention for the title without actually being in contention for it. Would Ziggler win the match? I hope that he would, but in WWE, anything can and probably will happen.

Overall I thought this episode of Friday Night SmackDown was a good one. It featured good matches, which overshadowed the ridiculousness like Santino Marella and the backstage segment with Foley and Khali.

I think SmackDown was once again better than Monday Night Raw. The Friday night show has been reigning over WWE's flagship show for a while now, and with the big 1000th episode on the way, that's not a good thing.


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