The Eight Most Overpaid Players in the NBA

Cole SablovitchCorrespondent IFebruary 12, 2009

1. Jerome James

Jerome James has to be the biggest mistake in NBA history. He went from playing 15 minutes a game with the Seattle Supersonics to getting a contract from the Knicks for $30 million.

Why, you might ask? Because he had one—and I mean one—final good playoff game, so he gets $30 million—despite the fact that he could not even take me one on one. Wow!


2. Vladimir Radmanovic

Vlad is another player who has never actually accomplished anything (besides for winning worst name) and yet he signed a $35 million contract with the Lakers.

You might ask, why did they pay him that much money? The answer is to make sure the Clippers could not have him.

Looks like that worked out. How's Adam Morrison coming along?


3. Ben Wallace

Now this one stumps me. Why would anyone conceivably give Wallace a $60 million contract when his career stat line is one point, 10 boards, and three blocks? What can he actually do?

He won a NBA title, but it had nothing to do with him. He went undrafted for a reason—he's not good! Just another case of general managers screwing over their fans


4. K-Mart

Albeit, Kenyon Martin was a good player early in his career—but you don't give up three first-round picks and $75 million to a player with 10 knee surgeries in his past.

If you watch him play now he can barely run, nevertheless jump. But the Nuggets had to make a "splash."

The only thing splashing now is their salary cap woes trying not to drown.


5. Troy Murphy

$35 million? Are you kidding me? No one can pay that much money to a left-handed white guy.

Not only is it ridiculous he makes that much money, but the fact he had other offers makes me lose respect for the game of basketball.


6. Brian Cardinal

Wow. This one I'll never understand.

Brian Cardinal was a well-paid veteran who only played if every other player on his team was hurt somehow. He turned that into over $20 million to do the same thing somewhere else. 

I have to ask—who is this guy's agent? Because if Cardinal can get $20 million, I can get at least 30.


7. Jermaine O'Neal

Now I've always been a fan of Jermaine—but seriously. You can’t play 15 games a year and make $20 million.

I realize that in his prime he was great, but now with all of these surgeries he can barely walk anymore. Every year his knees are 100 percent when the season starts but are 50 percent by game two.

If owners let GMs keep their jobs after making deals like this, maybe I should be a GM. Hmm...


8. Nenad Krstic

Now, Nenad might be considered a bargain, but consider this—his reason for going overseas was that he could not get a offer of over $8 million for two years

So what do the Thunder do? They give him a three-year, $16 million contract to be their third-best center.

I suppose they don't expect to win anytime soon. Makes sense to me.