The Montreal Canadiens Are Going Deeper Inside the Barrel

Daniel ArouchianSenior Analyst IFebruary 12, 2009


The Montreal Canadiens are sinking faster than the Titanic. With last night's defeat, the team now has seven consecutive losses on the road. They've been outscored  35-14 during that period.

"Obviously, I'm really disappointed by some of the efforts that we have had," Canadiens head coach Guy Carbonneau said.

Carey Price faced 27 shots during the game, he struggled with the rebounds most of the night.

"You can talk for days and months and weeks, but it is what you do on the ice that counts," Carbonneau said. "We can talk about bad bounces and breaks—like the fifth one—but it seems to happen a lot in the past month and we're going to have to work on that."

The 7-2 loss against the Edmonton Oilers puts the Habs in a tough position. Right now the Habs are sixth place in the Eastern Conference. The New York Rangers are one point in front of us in fifth place. On the other hand, the Sabres are two points behind us in seventh place and finally the Florida Panthers are four points behind us in eight place.

"I thought the last game was the bottom of the barrel," forward Christopher Higgins said of Monday's 6-2 loss to Calgary. "I guess the barrel is a little deeper than we thought."


Carey Price

What's wrong with him? Ever since he came back, he doesn't seem focus. Is he really a 100 percent? Does he have personal problems? Whatever it is, it's not helping him right now.

Why on earth did the Montreal Canadiens make him the No. 1 goaltender at such a young age I have no idea. There's too much pressure on him and there's no veteran goalie with the Habs to back him.

Maybe they should send him to Hamilton for a few games to get his focus back.

Carbonneau let him play in goal for the whole game last night. Was that the right thing to do?


Guy Carbonneau

Stop changing the lines! When you do it a lot it shows you're getting desperate.

Was canceling practice a good idea to take the team bowling?


Bob Gainey

He sees what's going on with the team right now. What are his options? Right now forget about winning the Stanley Cup. Worry if the team is going to make the playoffs.

This is what Gainey might do if the Habs continue to play the way they do.

  • In order to save his job he fires Coach Guy Carbonneau. He goes behind the bench for the remainder of the season.
  • A trade for an impact player. Would any team want a Habs player with the way they are playing? And right now a trade won't solve anything.
  • He does nothing. Both he and Carbonneau lose their jobs over the summer.


Closing thoughts

What was said during the players only meeting we'll never know, I hope I'm wrong, but it seems the players don't want to play for Carbonneau anymore.

If the losing streak continue (I hope it doesn't) it's only a matter of time until Gainey gives Carbonneau his walking papers.