The New Jacksonville Jaguars

David NelsonCorrespondent IIIFebruary 12, 2009

Embarrassment is the only word that comes to mind after last season for the Jacksonville Jaguars.  The 2009-2010 Jaguars, they will be a little bit different. 

Two years ago this team was up against the New England Patriots in the playoffs but unfortunately fell to a game where Tom Brady looked like the best QB to ever play the game.  Last year, this team lost to 11 teams, and where unable to even reach the playoffs. 

So what was the difference from one year to the next?  Many will say the order was injuries and then chemistry, I will beg to differ and reverse those.  Chemistry first, and then injuries.  The one-year-and-gone sensation Jerry Porter, did more talking then playing and in the end, ended up killing the chemistry that the once promising team had.  Too bad for Jerry Porter (and exciting signee Drayton Florence) their time in Jacksonville is already up as they have already been cut on the first day that teams were allowed to do so. 

With simple math, if you add those two, then subtract those two, you are back to what you had before, and that is the case here.  The "new" Jaguars will be composed of the same components that they had a couple years ago but without guys like Porter, and soon to be without Mike Peterson.  What does this mean?  This means it is back to the hard-nosed football that Del Rio and the Jaguars have always been known for.  Last year Garrard passed too much, and the injuries to the offensive line didn't allow this team to use the running game nearly as effectively as in the past.

Although I am pulling for a trade to acquire Anquan Boldin (see my other article entitled:  "Jacksonville Trade Anquan Boldin?") the reality is that this is a team going conservative, and in the end there is a great chance that they do what they have said, and build through the draft (NOT rebuild).  A couple offensive linemen and a free-agent signing of a veteran center, and this team can go right back to their hard-nosed running game.  Garrard will cut back on all the passes because of this and they will look like the Jaguars of two years ago.  I guess you could say they will be the new/old Jaguars.

I like what's happening in Jacksonville.  Sending a strong message by cutting Porter and Florence means that they want change right now.  They could have said Porter will be healthier next year, so lets give him a chance, but the amount of damage he does in the locker room isn't even worth him getting 600 yards and 2 touchdowns. 

This is going to be a new team next year, a team that will begin where they left off after a loss to the Patriots two years ago.