Top RB Prospect Bryce Brown is Just Waiting on the Money

David HedlindAnalyst IIFebruary 12, 2009

To celebrate or lament the decision of Bryce Brown that is the question. 


Brown has become the most recent top recruit to postpone his decision until after signing day. According to reports March 12 is the day he will make his highly anticipated decision.  


An early commit to Miami, Brown has recently stated Oregon is where he sees himself going and has also made visits to other schools such as USC and Tennessee. 


There have also been rumors of him feeling out the Canadian Football League. It has been said that if the price is right, Brown would skip college and go to Canada to play. 


Which brings me to the question of: “What is this kid about?”


It would appear to me that he just wants to play football and get paid for it as soon as he can.


Going to Canada would satisfy that right away. On the other hand, he may choose college and a team with a highly ranked running offense could help get him to the NFL, where the money would likely be better.   


Which brings me to my next question, “If he chooses college, how long will he stay?”


Will he simply stay the minimum and then take off for the NFL and the money? Will he stay his whole time and get a degree.


I vote on the first. 


Yes, we all know some kids will likely jump early, it happens every year. But there is always hope they will decide to return like Tebow has. 


But what about a kid that you just know will leave as soon as he can? Does that prospect really excite you as a fan?


Sure you have him for a couple years but as soon as his stats are big enough and the rumors of being drafted start to move so does he. 


Some college is going to be getting this kid to sign that letter of intent in a months time. I wonder if the ink will even be dry by the time he leaves for the almighty dollar.